Batch of James Clear Questions

James Clear Questions

Question that may help reveal the positive side of the current moment:
What does this make possible?

Question with potentially wide-reaching implications:
Can my current habits carry me to my desired future?

Question to help you focus on the highest value tasks:
What is the work that keeps working for you after you’ve completed it?

Question to find work you love:
What do you enjoy refining? (It’s the areas you can’t help yourself from editing and optimizing where you have a long-term advantage.)

Question to consider if you feel stuck:
How long will you put off what you’re capable of doing just to maintain what you’re currently doing?

Question to align your habits with your ultimate vision:
Am I doing this for Present Me or Future Me?

Question for greater awareness:
Whose expectations am I trying to fulfill? My own or those of someone else?

Question that could bring relief:
Who do I know that can help me with this?

Question to help you say no with confidence:
Which projects give me energy? Which projects takes it away?

Question to run your daily decisions through:
Will this cost me time in the future or save me time in the future?

Question that might bring you clarity:
Am I proud of what I am choosing to do?

Question for a broader perspective:
What would 10-year-old me say? What would 80-year-old me say?

Question to help you edit:
Will this matter in six months?

Question for greater insight:
What am I holding on to that I need to let go of this year?


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Wallace Stevens: Priest of the Invisible

Wallace Stevens David Hockney

“There is no wing like meaning.”

“There is nothing in life except what one thinks of it.”

“It is the unknown that excites the ardor of scholars, who, in the known alone, would shrivel up with boredom.

“The poet is the priest of the invisible.”

“The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself.”

“Of the Surface of Things In my room, the world is beyond my understanding; But when I walk I see that it consists of three or four Hills and a cloud.”

“The way through the world is more difficult to find than the way beyond it.”

“Reality is not what it is. It consists of the many realities which it can be made into.”

“A change of style is a change of meaning.”

They said, “You have a blue guitar You do not play things as they are”. The man replied,”things as they are Are changed upon the blue guitar”.

“It is never the thing but the vision of the thing.”
“Death is the mother of beauty; hence from her, Alone, shall come fulfillment to our dreams And our desires.”

“We say God and the imagination are one… How high that highest candle lights the dark.”

“The fire burns as the novel taught it how.”

All quotes by Wallace Stevens

Artwork by David Hockney

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Fresh Point of View: Rael San Fratello


Rael San Fratello


Virginia San Fratello gives a talk on the work at Princeton School of Architecture:

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Questions For You (from Seth Godin)


What brings out the best in you?

What brings out the worst?

One more question: Is it possible to adjust your life so that you show up more often in situations that bring out the best? Can you have an agenda, a rider or an itinerary that makes it more likely that the world around you is what you need it to be?

Because if you can’t, there’s one other option: Can you change your posture so that the situations you’re in a lot bring out your best instead of your worst?

Ideal situations are often rare—now more so than ever. But we can redefine ‘ideal situation’ if we choose.


The above text is from Seth Godin’s email newsletter that I subscribe to. I thought they were good questions. So I wanted to pass them along.


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Loving the Feeling of This

Isaac Mizrahi art

If anyone knows the iPhone app that Isaac Mizrahi used to make this video, please tell me. It looks so so much fun! I want to make some whimsical-y intimate videos like this too. It’s right up my alley.

Also, as a side note… Isaac’s book that was released last winter is a joy to listen to on Audible (of course you can read the book, but I like hearing Isaac act it out). If you vibe with his energy and work, you’ll be entertained by “I.M.: A Memoir”. It kept me company as I worked on a creative project and the time flew by!


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Bryan Zanisnik’s Big Pivot

Bryan Zanisnik

Bryan Zanisnik artist

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Yes, Naomi! (insert clapping emoji here)

Naomi Campbell instagram

I love a girl that creates a chatty talk show in the midst of a global pandemic. Naomi Campbell is doing what she needs to in order to keep her spirits lifted, while at the same time lifting the spirits of others. I am all for it! My favorite episode of “No Filter with Naomi” is the one with Marc Jacobs, but I also loved the one with Valentino designer Pierpaolo Piccioli, especially towards the end.

This quote by Marcel Proust is definitely a mood for me these days: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” How we feel is directly connected to our outlook on life. When we go through hard times, it’s really helpful to look for insights, tune into inner strength, connect with our community and take on perspectives that are empowering. What better time to raise our awareness and creativity?!

Take a look at Naomi Campbell’s Youtube channel to see more. She’s on a roll right now turning lemons into lemonade, making the best out of her quarantine time.

Wishing wellness and mental poise for all of my friends (that’s everyone). It’s a challenging time for all of us in different ways, but we can do hard things. The human spirit has the ability to create miracles and turn roadblocks into stepping stones.


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