I’m on a bliss & self mastery journey. While on this journey I’ve had to really embrace change. I had to start a revolution inside of myself. Maybe no one would notice. Maybe no one would feel it. It wouldn’t matter because it wasn’t why I was doing it. I was doing it because I knew deep down in my heart, that it was something I had to do. Something that needed to take place right here, right now. There was no putting it off for later. This was it.

I know I am not alone in this feeling. I know everyone has a desire to feel happy & empowered.

While on a retreat for people that want to develop their intuition I got a message. It was during an exercise to gain clarity on one’s work in life. The message I got was: BE, SHARE, HELP. I thought, “That’s it? That’s my work? No. There must be more. This can’t be right.” – It’s taken a while & it’s still sinking in that that might be right. It might be that simple. After years of struggle & searching it’s hard to fathom that it could be that easy. Sometimes things that are so simple, so direct, so easy, can actually be really hard for someone that has resistance to letting go. Surrender & trust does not come easy for a control freak like me. So again. I can only assume that there are others that feel like this. That they are uneasy when they begin to trust & let go. It can be a challenge to surrender to the idea that life is Divine & that the universe could be absolutely prefect. That all we need to do is love & let go.

My work is now all about sharing this revolution within. My life has literally shifted into full-time Being, Sharing & Helping. As I continue on this journey I will create various forms of creative work that express this theme. I will be sharing & offering videos, blog posts, audio files, & e-books. But for now I will share with you what I think BE, SHARE, & HELP means to me. I hope you can take this information & try it on in your life & see if it begins to revolutionize things for you. Notice if your day all of a sudden has a different focus. Or a part of your body that you hated all of a sudden looks beautiful. See if that person you don’t really vibe with starts to become a great friend. Check in with yourself & see if you begin to feel more connected with your surroundings, if you begin to feel responsible for the environment around you. Listen for an openness in your listening & a new patience & grace in how you move through life. All this is is an awareness. A new presence or way of looking at things. And this new way of being & seeing begins to impact the choices you make & those choices influence & create more choices. And before you know it, your life is radically different. It seems like the whole world has suddenly changed, – but only you have. This is what a revolution is to me. And this revolution within revolutionizes everything.

BE – Be yourself. Embrace who you are. If you are not sure, challenge yourself. Push beyond your imagined boundaries. You will get to know yourself better. No one is able to experience their truer nature by playing safe. It means you are living a lie. Get real & get out there. Practice expressing yourself & loving yourself. If you can do those two things effortlessly, it means you are able to be yourself.

SHARE – Everyone is divine. We are all valuable & have something special to share with one another. Maybe you take interesting photographs, or give really great advice. Maybe you make an irresistible meal, or inspire others with your adventurous spirit. Maybe you are an not particularly excellent or an expert at anything, but you have something you really love. – Share it! Share it with others everyday.

HELP– If you want to feel amazing. If you want to experience your highest self. If you want to make a difference. All you have to do is a generous act. Show your love. Let your heart open to those around you & do whatever you can to be of service. We all need each other. No one is separate from the whole. We are all one. If we live with this in mind & in heart. We will forever be filled.