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Unconditional Love & Self Empowerment Revolution Presents: Donald Neale Walsch!

I’m going to share three Donald Neale Walsch videos with you. Two of them are quite long & will take some time to view. Please save them for a moment when you need clarity or comfort. Watch them when you have an open mind & want to see more. All three of the videos touch on so many points I have covered throughout the years on Sunday Is For Lovers. I will mention a few quotes or points that I feel I have discussed before in blog posts, but the rest is for you to experience & to hear what you hear from the videos.  I decided to feature Donald Neale Walsch in my “Unconditional Love & Self Empowerment Revolution” series because I feel that he is a perfect example, an honest example, of evolution, of the ongoing process of self-realization, as well as self-empowerment via love. And when I say those words, I don’t mean the he has evolved or realized himself or empowered an individual self, but that he sees that there is no self. And that is something that I have been sharing though my work. And that wholeness (or non-duality) realized is what sets one free. Free from the idea of being an individual one, to being one that is inseparable from the whole.

Eckhart Tolle speaks with Neale Donald Walsch

“I am that [god/divinity/wholeness], & all the rest is… I am making it up.”

“Everyone can deliberately access that place of no-ness, nothingness — that place where thought recedes & wisdom emerges.”

“All the joys of life come to us, just as freely as the gifts come through us, if we just allow ourselves to get caught in the flow & get our self out of the way — get any thought out of the way that you think you are doing it.”

“You are convinced that you & I are separate, that you are something other than me. Only when you are clear that you are nothing other than me, will you understand that I don’t have your answer, you have your answer.”

“So that life might know itself, as life itself, through the process of life itself. That you might demonstrate, through the living of your life, what life is.”

Lilou Mace speaks with Neale Donald Walsch

“It’s about taking what is happening to us right now & changing our mind about it, changing our thought about it. Holding it in a new way. It’s about embracing the current circumstance, just the way it is. Without it needing to be any different. And beholding the opportunity in that. Beholding the gift in that.”

“What creates anger is the mind thinking that what is going on should not be going on. That something else should be happening. […] Obviously it should be like this. Do you know how I know? Because it is like this.”

“Ninety-eight percent of the world’s people, are spending ninety-eight percent of their time, on the ninety-eight percent of things that don’t matter at all. And their spending two percent of their time (if they are lucky) on what really matters.”

“Life will never make sense to your mind. If you are trying to make sense of life with your mind, you might as well forget it. Mind is very logical, & life is not.”

Neale Donald Walsch gives us 3 things we can do:

I have a short blog post that speaks to the point Neale made in that last video. To view that post, click here. :)

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“When one beholds the entire universe as a play of Consciousness, what else can one do but smile?” – Amma

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Happy Thoughts Will Feed You

This week I finally finished something. For years I’ve been reminded to put together my vision board. To practice seeing what it is I really want.

The first time I heard of creative visualization was in 2002. I was reading, Tony & Tina Color Energy: How Color Can Transform Your Life. In the book they referenced Shakti Gawain’s book, Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life as a source of inspiration for their success. After reading both books, I was inspired to take what I saw in my mind (and what I say & think) more seriously. A few years later my brother introduced me to the Abraham-Hicks teachings, they sounded very similar to creative visualization. Then several years after that, The Secret came out. Everyone was talking about the book & buying into visualizing success. Seven years passed by and I never put what I learned about vision boards to use. Even being a visual person & always happy to do creative projects, I never completed a vision board or  vision journal. Well, I felt inspired again after talking to Shirley Calkins Smith at Lily Dale Assembly this year. She told me that I should use my creative abilities & trained eye to really see what it is I want and to make it happen. The tough part was, I don’t know what I really ‘want’. I’m not into buying the ‘dream house’, I don’t believe in ‘soul mates’, I don’t play lotto hoping to win a million bucks (or think that money will solve my problems), etc, etc.. So what is it that I want? What I want is what makes me happy. Those things became very clear to me when my health coach asked me a personal question. The question she asked was, “What makes you smile & get happy as soon as you think about it? Tell me 10 things.” My answer was,

1. Beautiful fruits & beautiful colors
2. Sex & sexy things
3. Getting my hands dirty in an art or painting project
4. Dancing to music that moves me
5. Getting paid to be myself
6. Feeling light & free
7. Making people happy
8. Laughing & laughter
9. Moments of being ‘in the flow’
10. Someone enjoying me or my work

This was an ‘ah ha’ moment for me. Nowhere on that list was, having a ‘tight’ body, making millions, falling in love, buying a big house, becoming famous, driving a fancy car, getting a Ph.D., retiring in the South of France, none of that made the list. (In my opinion it’s just marketing. I don’t think anyone thinks these things will make them happy until society teaches them that.) The list was simple. It was made up of mostly feelings. How come I don’t focus all my efforts in this area? Why am I not making laughing, dancing  & getting my hands dirty the priority? After getting in touch with this, I started to save images I clipped from magazines. I didn’t think about it, I just clipped. If anything caught my eye or made me smile, I saved it. I now have over 30 collages in this book. Looking at all of them makes me feel good. My goal is to keep looking at the pages & to keep feeling good. To also be aware of where I am focusing my attention. Am I seeing, thinking & saying what makes me happy, inspired & content? If not, why? Thoughts create reality. Let’s create the most awesome, motivating, helpful, loving & beautiful life we can imagine. For ourselves & others. Why not?

[For more information on how to make a vision board or book, you can check out this link. I just found it by Googling the topic.]

[All photographs in this post are of my personal collages. Most of them have my face somewhere on the page. Feel free to print them out for your own personal use. If you use them in your personal blog, please link it back to this post & give proper credit. All other usage, especially in print or professional websites must ask for permission. -Thank you. Xo!]



Lit UP

buddha-nature-smile[An email I sent to a friend.]

Subject: Happiness
Date: Jan 14, 2009 11:29 PM

Well, I see Buddha nature in many ways…
I see the
laughing buddha, and I see the buddha that has slightly turned up lips, not smiling, and not-not smiling.

You can laugh at everything out of awareness, healthy detachment and the capability to see the ‘bigger picture‘. That doesn’t mean you are super happy, or not happy. You just are. And you can have fun in that.

I would say the not needing to be in any state is the state we should be in. That sounds funny, but you know what I mean. Just being with what is, in all of it’s beauty. Not needing anything else.

The more we see everything as energy, the more ‘lit up’ we become. That’s what I think. ..What do you think?..


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