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David Blaine Nailed It


Charlie Rose: You never tell how you do things, do you?
David Blaine: No, I don’t think that’s what it’s about.
Charlie Rose: It’s about what? It’s about the joy of illusion?
David Blaine: It’s about the moment when people aren’t thinking about anything. There’s no, …there’s no logic. You’re just only reacting to the moment, and you’re stripped away of everything, you’re left open. That’s what it is, I think.
[That excerpt was from a 1997 Charlie Rose interview, when David Blaine was only 24 years old.]

david-blaine-cardsThis is why David Blaine inspires me. He nailed it. He said it. He knows it. Life itself, the life we all fear, overstress about, work extremely hard at, feel insecure throughout, and think that we need to win because we might lose — that life — it’s an illusion. And the ones that find bliss, and find balance, well, they aren’t lost in their heads, they’re in the moment, fully present.

Some people come to that realization the hard way. For them, it means being stripped away of everything before they can fully be present to what is. Sometimes that means literally stripped of what they value most (health, family, money, friends, partner, property, etc). But more often, it just means being stripped of concerns or concepts that only get in the way of one’s own bliss.

Being open is flow, it’s allowing yourself to be moved. Instead of being taken over continuously by habitual thoughts & programmed patterns, you are free — you are no longer bound by what you think you know. Knowing differently, knowing deeply, knowing better, happens when you pull yourself out of that box, or when life itself does it for you.

So many of us awaken to the beauty, mystery & gift that is life only after natural disasters, losing loved ones, devastating disappointments, near death experiences, or anything so moving that it completely knocks some sense into us and awakes us from our slumber. Heavy heartbreaking (more like ego breaking and heavy heart opening) experiences are really effective in waking people up. But not everyone needs to do it the hard way. There are some people that can do it while they still live an average everyday life, without severe ups & downs or scares. I’d say, let’s do it that way! Don’t wait for a hard wake up call, wake up now! Be open now. Get out of your head now. And fall in love with everything & nothing — with nothing but the simplicity & purity of every moment.

Every moment has infinite gifts and eye opening experiences, and deep deep stillness that puts us in touch with the mystery & source of all life. It both humbles us & empowers us. But in order to see this, we have to be awake, we have to be open. Like David Blaine says, his work offers glimpses of this. If you watch the people that he performs for, they are so focused, so wide-eyed, so still, so grateful, so full of joy, so full of wonder — this is what life is all about! This is available at ANY moment, under ANY circumstance. It’s always with us, around us, and in us. But we have to see it. Life itself is magic. You are magic! It’s all a gift. But you have to be open to fully receive it, to fully enjoy it.

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CLEAN UP YOUR HEART (a mix of Aimee thinking & Rasta living!)

For me “clean your heart” means: open your heart. If your heart is misguided, dusty, & shutdown — air it out! If your heart is broken, wounded, & uptight — sort it out! If your heart is dark, resigned, & vengeful — clear it out! Allow light to pass through. Make space for others. See yourself in your heart. See all of life in your heart. Cherish this heart, cherish this life. One love. One love. One love. Shine up! Raise up! Open up!

More & more I feel my heart opening up to natural ways — to kind ways. For me, if there is any revolution happening now, it is the revolution of the heart. Connecting us back to nature, back to ourselves, back to our roots, back to our heart. Our heart isn’t whole unless it’s one with what is. Unless it is one with all of life. How can a heart be against life, when it is life itself?

Check yourself. Make sure your heart isn’t confused. It’s this confusion alone that leads to suffering. To truly rid ourselves of suffering, we need to find its roots. The root in my opinion, is the idea that we are separate, separate from one another — not whole, not one with life.

Don’t be afraid to sit with your heart. To truly sit, one on one. To sit in silence, without the noise of everyday life. This “everyday noise” is a distraction that one builds around them, intentionally or unintentionally. They base their life on this noise & feel that they thrive on it. They do this so that they can avoid face to face moments with their heart. They don’t want to be with: just their breath; just their heartbeat; just their mind; just their humility. This is painful for most. They can’t endure it for more than a few minutes. They do all they can to avoid it.

So I say, let’s face it! Let’s take a moment — as we can, when we can — & meet our hearts. When we are truly able to meet our hearts with a full embrace — we are then able to meet the world with a full embrace.

Try it. Don’t be afraid of it. Don’t be afraid of life. Being afraid of life, is being afraid of your own heart! The closer you get to life, the closer you get to love. Allow this intimacy with the world to crack your heart wide open. Allow it to set you free.

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