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Dick Gregory, from the bottom of my heart — THANK YOU.

Oh, how do I begin?

Few people truly shine bright on many levels, & Dick Gregory is one of those people. He has shone inside & out, as well as across the board since the late 1950’s. And even now in 2012, you can see him at almost every major event that speaks on behalf of people’s rights.

His list of achievements is too long to list here. We are talking about almost 80 years of living fully. And when I say living fully, I don’t mean living a full life — I mean putting your life on the line! Living out loud & speaking your mind; doing all you can to find the truth; standing up for yourself & others; experimenting & testing & investigating; being an artist (first black comedian to break the color barrier); being an author (of 13 books, as either writer or co-writer); being an athlete (ran from California to New York City, averaging 50 miles per day for 71 days); being vegetarian since the 1960’s, and in more recent years raw vegan (he chose to not eat animals or animal products, because of his dedication to non-violence); fasting on water for 70 days straight (Dick Gregory is well known for his hunger strikes); running for president in 1968 (garnered 47,097 votes, including one from Hunter S. Thompson); feeding the hungry (shipped 10,000 pounds of beans to feed people in Marks, Mississippi); cancer survivor (cured himself of lymphoma with natural methods); I can go on & on.

Peter Barry Chowka summed it up perfectly when he said, “Gregory’s name, is synonymous with progressive social and political causes. He is that rare combination (like Gandhi) of activist and healer, one whose own life illustrates how real change first must come from within oneself.”

Thank you, Dick Gregory. Thank you for taking a stand. Thank you for having the courage to think for yourself. Thank you for putting yourself on the line. Thank you for looking deeper. Thank you for leading the way. Thank you for teaching others how beautiful & powerful they are. Thank you for reminding us to love & to be fearless. Thank you for showing us how much can be accomplished in one lifetime. Thank you for being you. Thank you, thank you, thank you…


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There is nothing else.

Ugh, what a frustrating week I had. I vented a little on my Facebook fan page & I shared my frustration with friends. After that I felt a bit lighter about it all. It was perfect, the most beautiful thing; on the day when I felt most down & most alone, two of my dearest friends (we’ve been close friends for over 15 years) reached out to me. I got an email from one friend with the subject line: “how u feeling today?” & the other about 1 hour later with the subject line: “meant to reach out to u sooner” (interesting that they both type in lower case & they chose to use a “u” for “you” – they are both well above 40 years of age, so I find their youthfulness amusing & a complete coincidence since they are not connected in any way personally). I spoke to one friend on Skype via video (technology is so amazing) & the other friend through a chain of emails. They both made me feel so loved & so much better.

Before they reached out to me, I was doing what I’ve seen many people do. What I was doing was “lumping” – it’s when someone takes many things that are bothering them & lumps it all into one big insurmountable mountain. In my mountain was: two family members in serious situations that are heartbreaking; the execution (murder) of Troy Davis & the hopeless feeling surrounding that injustice (I will write a blog post about it); moving on from past romantic relationships that I found difficult to let go of; then the most recent one that really pushed me over the edge was my deep love for someone that I was at odds with this week (at odds really isn’t the right word, but let’s go with it); plus many more things that are milestones of me moving forward & creating something new in my life as I let go of what was once was. So it all felt like too much on Thursday. But the reminder that love is all that matters & that it’s the only way to set my life & my mind straight, worked wonders. Just the thought alone of that brought me back to being who I know I am. I am someone who loves. I am someone that believes that beneath it all, there is something to See. And as long as I am focusing on Seeing, Loving & Being – there is nothing else better suited for me. This is my life.

I’ll share a quote with you from the email dialogue I had with my friend…

“The best thing about love & heartbreak & destructive people is that they tear me up inside. And I learn how to be more expansive as a result. I learn how to stop making it about me & to see that their lack of awareness & love is actually my own.”

I think my quote is pretty self explanatory, but if I expound on it a bit, I would just say that this idea of a “me” (the identification with a separate self) leads to self-imposed suffering, as well as confusion. This warped view is nothing but a lack of awareness & love. In love & awareness (in its highest sense) there is no duality – nothing exists completely separate or independent of anything else. Also, if challenging or traumatic experiences “tear me up” it’s a good thing because that me or that sense of a separate self isn’t based in truth.

I can never be reminded enough: love is all there is.


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