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Amazing Year Ahead

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2017 completely flashed by like the blink of an eye. I can’t believe it’s over! So many great things happened, and so many not-so-great things happened. But overall, it was a very good year. I’m so grateful for the love, adventure, growth and surprises.

My life has been full of challenges over the last year (and last decade), but all of the road bumps and detours have been instrumental in my self-development. After having to have faith and support to overcome obstacles and moments of overwhelm/confusion — I’m seeing a (uniquely me) side of myself that I haven’t seen since I was a child.

It’s a little like the spiral. It’s like I’m coming full circle, but not. Instead of returning to a previous perspective or position, I’m evolving, journeying and gaining greater perspective of the whole. It’s been a tediously slow process. A challenging practice of letting go and rebuilding. But the persistence is gradually paying off. It has created the space for greater connectivity with a deeper self.

I don’t have much to say today… beyond my gratitude for you, and my wish that you have an amazing year ahead. But in addition to that, I’ll repost a video I shared two years ago, posted at the beginning of a new year.

And I still feel that more videos (with me in them) are coming! I promise they are. Just remember that I’m in a molasses-like slow grow phase right now. Several ‘life to-do list’ areas have remained dormant, in the seedling stages. But I’m sure they’ll begin to heat up, speed up and sprout up soon. I just need to reach that section of the spiral. It’s there, and I’m getting closer.


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