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Living on a School Bus

school bus home exterior

So as I mentioned on May 25, 2014, the plan was to set sail, leave my life in New York City, travel down south, and live in an Airstream Argosy on a piece of land. Well, on June 28th I did leave New York, I also traveled down south with a 1973 24″ foot Argosy trailer hitched to a truck. But shortly after that, things did not go according to plan. Obstacles and challenges were coming left & right. [I wrote a blog post in 2011 titled Your Biggest Obstacle Doesn’t Exist, you should check it out!] I had to quickly change plans and also leave a lot open to what might come next.

So here I am. Updating you on what is happening now, and what might be next. I am currently renting a converted school bus. I embedded lots of photos of school bus living at the end of this blog post for you, so that you can get the general idea. It’s basically a school bus that has been converted into a tiny home. The one I am living in now is not as fancy as a few of the photos I included (with fireplaces, etc.), but it does have a bedroom, running water, and lots of things that make it feel like a home. I’m enjoying my stay on the bus, and I am scheduled to be here throughout the month of July.

The Argosy travel trailer is being stored and hopefully will have its floor repaired. (There was trouble with flooring, it needs to be replaced or repaired in certain areas, like around the refrigerator, where there was condensation.) It also might be too troublesome to bring to the land. The journey to the land has lots of switchback roads, and it’s on a steep hill (not the land itself, just getting there). So I’m not sure if bringing the Argosy there is a great idea, it might be more trouble than it’s worth. It might be easier to just site-build a wooden cabin, or some other structure. I’m going to hold off on that idea for a while, and see what feels best in time.

The plan for next month is to rent a home in Black Mountain. It’s a sweet place, I picked it out already and it’s all set up for August and beyond. The good thing about the home, is that it’s close to the land, and also close to town, so I get the best of both worlds for a while. My plan is to live there, work on my Etsy business, blog like crazy, develop a super-healthy exercise & eating routine, spend time on the land, and get to know Buncombe County. (Buncombe County is part of the Asheville, NC Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes: Asheville, Black Mountain, French Broad, Biltmore Forest, Swannanoa, Woodfin, Montreat, Broad River, Flat Creek and much more.)

So that’s the update on my latest adventure. As it unfolds, I’ll have much more to share. I hope your adventure is unfolding as well. You know, leaving the life I set up for myself in New York was not easy. It was a huge risk and gamble. But really, what would I have to lose? What does anyone have to lose when starting over and trying something new? In my opinion, nothing. Because you learn & experience so much. And the really important things in life are the things you can’t keep safe, and you can’t take with you. When you die, what will you be able to take from your life? In my opinion, only the feeling that you either lived your life fully or the feeling that you didn’t.

Living fully doesn’t mean that you did crazy things, or that you lived life on the edge. It simply means that you were able to live with your fears — while at the same time — follow your heart. It means that you didn’t allow your fears to dictate your life.

Love your fears, hear them out, bring them with you — but don’t let them stop you from living the life you dream of. Gently show yourself, and your fears, that anything is possible, and that you deserve a chance to live courageously & completely.

That way, when it’s time to say farewell, you’ll feel like you were able to experience fully the gift that is your life. Think of it like a gift card — spend it! Give it away! Have fun with it! Use it up completely! But for god’s sake, don’t hang on to it, don’t file it away, don’t save it for the right moment in the future. That moment will never come.

coverted school bus exterior

onverted school bus home

renovated school bus home

school bus tiny home

tiny home school bus

converted school bus interior

tiny home school bus home

tiny home bus interior

school bus home exterior rear


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David Blaine Nailed It


Charlie Rose: You never tell how you do things, do you?
David Blaine: No, I don’t think that’s what it’s about.
Charlie Rose: It’s about what? It’s about the joy of illusion?
David Blaine: It’s about the moment when people aren’t thinking about anything. There’s no, …there’s no logic. You’re just only reacting to the moment, and you’re stripped away of everything, you’re left open. That’s what it is, I think.
[That excerpt was from a 1997 Charlie Rose interview, when David Blaine was only 24 years old.]

david-blaine-cardsThis is why David Blaine inspires me. He nailed it. He said it. He knows it. Life itself, the life we all fear, overstress about, work extremely hard at, feel insecure throughout, and think that we need to win because we might lose — that life — it’s an illusion. And the ones that find bliss, and find balance, well, they aren’t lost in their heads, they’re in the moment, fully present.

Some people come to that realization the hard way. For them, it means being stripped away of everything before they can fully be present to what is. Sometimes that means literally stripped of what they value most (health, family, money, friends, partner, property, etc). But more often, it just means being stripped of concerns or concepts that only get in the way of one’s own bliss.

Being open is flow, it’s allowing yourself to be moved. Instead of being taken over continuously by habitual thoughts & programmed patterns, you are free — you are no longer bound by what you think you know. Knowing differently, knowing deeply, knowing better, happens when you pull yourself out of that box, or when life itself does it for you.

So many of us awaken to the beauty, mystery & gift that is life only after natural disasters, losing loved ones, devastating disappointments, near death experiences, or anything so moving that it completely knocks some sense into us and awakes us from our slumber. Heavy heartbreaking (more like ego breaking and heavy heart opening) experiences are really effective in waking people up. But not everyone needs to do it the hard way. There are some people that can do it while they still live an average everyday life, without severe ups & downs or scares. I’d say, let’s do it that way! Don’t wait for a hard wake up call, wake up now! Be open now. Get out of your head now. And fall in love with everything & nothing — with nothing but the simplicity & purity of every moment.

Every moment has infinite gifts and eye opening experiences, and deep deep stillness that puts us in touch with the mystery & source of all life. It both humbles us & empowers us. But in order to see this, we have to be awake, we have to be open. Like David Blaine says, his work offers glimpses of this. If you watch the people that he performs for, they are so focused, so wide-eyed, so still, so grateful, so full of joy, so full of wonder — this is what life is all about! This is available at ANY moment, under ANY circumstance. It’s always with us, around us, and in us. But we have to see it. Life itself is magic. You are magic! It’s all a gift. But you have to be open to fully receive it, to fully enjoy it.

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