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Love to Ferment? Sorta Techy? Great!

ferment kefir water

Fizz, foam, bubble, froth. It seems like there is always a new adventure brewing in my life — but this time it’s literal.

I’ve been wanting to work with fermented foods for a long time. Because of travel (living in 3 U.S. states in 3 years), I was never settled or spacious enough to begin the exploration. Now that I’ve finally established a home in Northern California (in the Napa Valley), I’m finally getting around to it.

This month I started two batches of water kefir (not milky yogurt, just bubbly water) and two batches of kombucha (simple black tea, with a piece of a 28 year old mother scoby.) Next I would like to explore kimchi and sauerkraut. And after that, I’m sure there’ll be much more!

If you are a fermenter or know someone who is, or know of great books/blogs/websites I should check out — please let me know. I would love to connect! You can leave a message below, or you can email me directly. We can build a little fermenter buddy community!

In general, I’ll update everyone as the process and adventure unfolds. Ideally I’d like to post weekday updates on Instagram. This way, for those that have absolutely no interest in making any of these foods, but would love to see updates of the process, or simply see what I am up to — they can still be part of it. I’ll be working on an Instagram account in the coming weeks.

And while were on the topic, I’d love to connect with Instagram hobbyists (or pros) as well. I’m still trying to figure out how to get the pics from my digital Canon camera on to Instagram (because I rarely take photos with my iPhone.) I’ve tried numerous ways, and so far, no luck. So if anyone is really good at this sort of thing (Instagram hacking, etc.), or is super-techy in general — please reach out. Maybe we can work out a trade? I can send you some handmade gifts, in exchange for your help. Another option would be online meditation. I could teach you to meditate, or if you already have a meditation practice, we could schedule some fun meditation sessions. The possibilities are endless! I’m open to whatever would be a good trade for your Instagram help and encouragement.

Wishing everyone a happy summer. May it be your best one yet!

Feel free to message or email me with what you have brewing this summer. Maybe it’s not a drink with something floating in it, or a high-tech Instagram account — maybe it’s something totally different. If so, that would be great! Just keep the adventures rolling & unfolding. And reach out if you’d like. I’m always happy to hear from you. :)



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