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Dying in 6 Weeks

dying in 6 weeks

Just hear me out and take it seriously… but also, be light about it.

Imagine you are dying in exactly six weeks from this moment.

Get still, tune into your body. Feel what this plight would truly be like for you. Listen to whatever guidance and clarity might arise from a predicament where you are forced to take your life and fulfillment seriously.

Tune into your gut (or heart). What does it want for you? What does it consider more important than anything else? What does it crave for you? What does it want you to do or experience while you have the chance?

Please answer the questions below. Just let the answers flow. Don’t think deeply. Do not ponder or dwell at all. Just let answers quickly raise to the surface (without thinking, only feeling, let it be reflexive and automatic) and then immediately move on to the next question.

If you were to die in 6 weeks…

What time would you wake up tomorrow?

Where would you have slept?

What will you do as soon as you wake up?

What will you wear?

What will you eat for breakfast?

Would you exercise? If so, what type of exercise?

Would you ask anyone to join you? Or would you exercise alone?

What do you want to do today?

Would you spend most of your time indoors or outdoors?

What plans do you want to make for tomorrow? And the next day? This week? (You only have 5 more after that.)

What type of work will you do?

What would you make sure you got done?

Who are the people you would definitely need to see in person?

Who would you want to spend the most time with?

Who would you like to speak to? Even if it was only for a few minutes?

Is there anyone you would want to have a serious conversation with?

Is there anyone you would want to help?

Is there someone you’d like to ask to help you?

Are there any songs or music you would love to play/hear?

Are there any places or countries you would like to see?

Is there anything you would love to create or record?

Is there a message you would like to leave behind?

What would you like to be known for? How would you like to be remembered?

Are there any changes you’d like to make to your appearance or home or business?

Is there anything you would like to leave to someone?

Are there foods or drinks or restaurants you’d like to try?

Are there any classes you would love to take?

Is there anything you would like to give?

If someone asked you what you loved most about your life, what would you say?

If someone asked you at the end of your six weeks, if you regret anything — what would you love your answer to be?

:) I hope your answer would be a joyous “nothing”. That you did, saw, heard, tasted, felt and lived all that you wanted. That you gave all that you wanted to give.

Your life is yours to be loved and lived. Use it wisely.


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Stop Suffering & Start Trusting: Buckminster Fuller Paves The Way

“Dare to think for yourself.”

“Do more with less.”

“Be aware of the power of your word.”

“Don’t be preoccupied with the negative, be preoccupied with the constructive.”

“Forget the trouble, go to work!”

Richard Buckminster Fuller is by far one of my most beloved thinkers. When I feel overwhelmed, when I don’t know where to start, when I think it’s all too much – he nails it. He says just what I need to hear in order to get to work!

I will share two of my favorite videos from a 5 part interview with Buckminster Fuller for this blog post. I have also transcribed a few of my favorite quotes for you. I hope these videos resonate with you as much as they do for me. If not, come back next year (after 2012) & view them again! You might feel differently.

“What I see in doing my own thinking is the following: that the animals don’t have any money, & the sun & the wind doesn’t have any money. If money is some kind of invention of humans, & I see that all of ecology on board of our planet is inter-supportive & the Universe itself by the best we know in physics is eternally regenerative, it’s 100 percent efficient, that what goes on in our little planet must be in support of the eternal regeneration of the greater Universe itself. So I said, I see ecology is inter-regenerative, & it could be, that if I understood what human beings are here for on our planet, what we are supposed to be doing in the local Universe – if I were then to undertake, to support & make that a success, to make the human beings a success themselves, to get rid of the “it has to be you or me earning a living” idea, to get that out of the way, if I could commit myself to that effectively, it might be that nature would support me just the way she has the hummingbird supporting this other little nest & so forth. So, it needs then a commitment to doing a big task on a working assumption of absolute faith in the integrity of the Universe itself. There is a greater intelligence operating in the Universe then that of human beings. And, if you can commit yourself to faith in that, you may find that you can get on.”

“Only the impossible happens. I’ve been up against miracle after miracle. Just as I need things at the critical moment, the last critical moment, then I have what I need.”

“I have now come to the most extraordinary realization: that all of the great governments, all of the great religions, all of the great businesses would find it devastating to their activity to have man be a success, they are all predicated on man being an inherent failure.”

“If success or failure of this planet & of human beings depended on how I am & what I do… HOW WOULD I BE? WHAT WOULD I DO?”

The remaining videos…
Part 1video link.
Part 4video link.
Part 5video link.


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