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Your Strongest Beliefs


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Where do you think you are going?

where are you going

I’m getting ready for a little nature drive to the snow cap mountains, and I have to pack a few things for the trip. At the same time, I’m thinking about my life’s direction and what I truly want in this lifetime. It feels like so much to think about! But in actuality, it’s not. I’m overthinking it (and I’m probably overpacking too.) Life is very-very simple. We are either grease on life’s wheels (fully living, loving and experiencing, zipping along, having a blast on this wild journey) or we are dragging along, hanging on for dear life (because we are holding on too tightly, desperately trying to control, interfering and slowing things down to a crawl, making things more challenging, turning stepping stones into stumbling blocks.) I think it’s always best to let go — yet, at the same time, listen closely and remain aware. Remain ready for all hands on deck, but fully relax; let go, use the wind and trust the waters, allow life to move you.

Today is going to be a blast from the past and a trip into the future. Play along with me. First, I would like you to read an old blog post of mine, the title is Overpacked? Where do you think you are going? I wrote it in 2012. The second thing I would like you to do is answer the questions I wrote below. I will answer them too! Maybe for my next blog post we can all share what we came up with. Ah-ha’s, insights and epiphanies (and awareness in general) is always my favorite thing to talk (and write) about. So if you see anything about yourself or your life, that jumps out at you as you answer the questions — let me know! You can always comment below or write to me directly.

After you are done reading the 2012 blog post I linked above (about being overpacked), complete the following questions…

What are the most significant moments of your life? What experiences in your life were major, that felt like turning points? What would you consider the memorable ‘war stories’ from your life? What were the take-home lessons, or the moments that gave you courage and lifted/ignited your spirit? What are you most proud of? What experiences or events do you like to share with others most often? What stories do you find yourself telling over and over again (or thinking of through the years)? What memories are hard to shake-off, because they had such a lasting impact on you?

What is life (your life) trying to tell you? What is the common thread? If there was a hero in the story (in your life story), what is their journey all about? What would you like to see them achieve? What would you want them to see/realize? What would you have them do next? What would you want most for them? What have you learned from what they have been through? What inspires you most about them?

You are the hero in your story. Your life has unfolded in an unpredictable way. Could you have ever been fully prepared or well planned for it? Would it have turned out the same if you were? Your life is unique. Listen to what your life is telling you. Stop trying to figure things out and simply listen. Be simple. Surrender. Stop fighting, stop trying to control it. Listen to what your journey has to say. Listen to what it is requesting of you. Listen and focus on what is most important, most important then and now.

See that you need very little in life, but what life asks of you is very big. It wants you to be simple. It wants you to surrender by getting out of your own way. It wants you to follow what moves you.

Ask yourself and truly let go and listen: What moves me the most? When do I feel moved? If I lived a life that truly moved me, what would I be doing, who would be in it, how would it look, and what do I need to do in order for it to be possible?


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Something Is Brewing – Part 2




This blog post is the continuation of a previous post titled, Something Is Brewing.

Let me start by sharing a few facts…

What’s old news:
I got rid of almost everything I have owned/collected in my adult life.
I lost well over 20 pounds of excess body fat/body weight in the last year.
I no longer have the same phone number I’ve had since 1996. It’s gone forever.
I no longer live on the east coast (not in New York, and not in North Carolina either.)

The latest news:
I am starting a new business.
I am currently living on the west coast.
I am making Ashland, Oregon my new home and community.
I am clear that change & revelation is on the way, and this is only the beginning.

For years I wanted to get clear. I wanted to clear out old memories, old feelings and old patterns. I wanted to clear out all that wasn’t serving me well. I wanted to lighten up. I wanted a new perspective. I wanted to start again. I wanted to honor how I felt inside. I wanted my outside to match my inside. There was a revolution going on within. Changes happening, ideas brewing, new ways of being bubbling. But somehow I wasn’t clear enough to be the space for new things to manifest. I was waiting on other people. I was waiting on the right moment. I was waiting for change to be easy or self-evident. I was running. Running away from facing the music. That music was the song of my soul. Who I am when I am alone. How I really feel about people & places. What I really want out of life. I wasn’t ready to be honest. How could I be honest with others, if I couldn’t be honest with myself? I wasn’t ready to let go.

Life doesn’t wait. It lets you know when you are ready for change, not the other way around. It’s like death, or the metamorphosis of the butterfly. I’m always reminded that Life is boss — and there is no escaping when it’s your time. If you do not move, then you will be moved.

I often ask myself questions. These are four questions I recently asked myself:
What do I live for?
What lights me up?
What do I always do?
What do I cherish most?

Answering those questions shined a light on my current path. It’s so clear why I need to do what I am currently embarking on, and why my life had to change course.

What do I live for?
I absolutely live for my dog.
I live for (and because of) other people.
I live for (and because of) the mystery that is life.
I live for everyday lessons in beingness & awareness.

What lights me up?
Dancing to upbeat music lights me up.
Enjoying nature or natural things lights me up.
Being in the presence of unconditional love lights me up.
Spending time with positive & inspiring people lights me up.

What do I always do?
I always blog every Sunday.
I always seek & relish alone time.
I always work on creative projects.
I always prepare & eat healthy foods.

What do I cherish most?
I cherish my dog.
I cherish my health.
I cherish the opportunity to connect with others online.
I cherish being able to work for myself and set my own hours.

When the followers of Neem Karoli Baba (aka Maharaj-ji) asked him the way to enlightenment, he would tell them: “love everyone, feed people.” He would also tell them: “serve everyone, tell the truth.” This is the journey I am embarking on. Not a journey of enlightenment, but a journey of feeding people (figuratively and literally). I’m working to start a new business, centered around plant based foods (my dog’s image will be part of the business, she’s my muse). I’m also going to blog much more (on a separate blog). This new direction will allow me to feed people and share my truth — thus, serve everyone.

(“Love everyone” hasn’t been mentioned yet, because I’ve been doing it for years. That’s why I’ve had the nickname AimeeLovesYou for so long. It’s the driving force in all I do, and it’s what sparked this latest adventure.)

So that is the path I am on, and that is the latest news. As things begin to manifest and blossom, you will be along for the ride. Thanks for being there this far! :) Thanks so much for hanging in there with me. I really appreciate you, and I’m glad to share what will be in the works this year (starting with reigniting my Rainbow Farmer blog tomorrow). I’m nervous and excited about all the things I have brewing, and all the things to come. I’ve got butterflies, and butterflies are a good sign.


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May I Be Frank

may i be frank ferrante movie

I know, I know… I often recommend documentaries on Sunday Is For Lovers. But if I could have an ongoing list, I’d place the documentary May I Be Frank near the top. Not because it’s high-quality, mind-blowing or super-unique, but because it has the most heart. I rarely get choked-up while watching films, and this film had me on the verge of tears. It’s about a guy named Frank Ferrante that goes through a transformation. I’m not going to say anymore than that. I’m just going to say that…. (did I just say I wasn’t going to say anymore?) ….he completely changes his life on every level; physically, spiritually and emotionally. I think the footage from the film is from 2005, and if you see him today, he looks amazing and his energy is so inviting and wonderful. He is still on the path of transformation, and he is still inspiring others along the way. It’s people like Frank that make me feel madly in-love with life. It’s people like Frank that generously show others what is possible. I’m so grateful for him, and for all the others that helped in recording and sharing his journey.



Another film that you could watch, that would follow May I Be Frank beautifully is, Hungry For Change. The poster/artwork for the film is a terrible choice, but the film itself is excellent. It’s not as ‘entertaining’ as May I Be Frank, but it is informative, and Frank Ferrante is in it, along with a few other faces you might recognize.

PS! Both May I Be Frank and Hungry For Change can be found everywhere. They are online for free from various websites, they are also on Netflix, Amazon, and lots of other movie outlets.

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