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Change Your Focus, Change Your Life

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Want your relationship to fail? Focus on what isn’t working.

Want your life to feel like drudgery? Focus on what isn’t working.

Want to feel like there’s no way to win? Focus on what isn’t working.

When Mario Andretti (super-famous race car driver) was asked, after all of his years of racing and success, what his greatest lesson and piece of advice was, his answer was very simple… “Don’t look at the wall.”

If you are blazing down a racetrack at 200 miles per hour — don’t look at the wall! Keep your eyes on the road. Don’t waver, don’t worry. Keep your focus on where you are going, and where you ultimately want to be.

Your car is like an extension of your body, and your body follows the same principles as your life — your focus leads the way.

If you focus on what isn’t working, or what you don’t want, or what you don’t have — that’s what you’ll get! And lots more just like it.

You have to put your horse blinders on and have faith. Focus on what’s working for you. Focus on what’s great. Focus on what you love. Focus on what you want. Hold your attention there, repeatedly. Trust where it’s leading you.

Where your attention goes, it grows.

Like begets like.

Someone asked me once what advice I have for people that are going through a bought of depression. I said there is only one thing that works to swiftly change a negative mind-state… Gratitude.

As quickly as you can, begin to move into a state of appreciation. Even if it feels contrived at first. You have to immediately change your focus to what is good in your life.

Maybe your girlfriend left you — but the couch you are sitting on feels so soft!

Maybe you lost your job — but your still have your legs!

Try as best as you can to embrace and love what’s working in your life.

How does the perfect temperature water feel on your skin when you take a shower?

How good is a cold refreshing drink on a hot day?

Get your mind off of what isn’t working and keep it on what does work. As best and as much as you can.

Your attention really matters.

If things are really hard for you right now, what’s soft? What’s good? What do you want more of?

Focus on the road you want to travel. Focus on where you want to be. Focus on what’s good. Focus on what you love. …You’ll get lots more of it.

I know this advice seems silly or super-simple, but people thought the same thing about Mario Andretti’s advice. What! After all those years of racing, and all of that success — all you have to offer is, “Don’t look at the wall”?

Yep. Believe it or not. Sometimes the very answers we are looking for are the ones that we completely ignore. Because they seem too simple, too good to be true.


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