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You Cant Hurt David Goggins


I often quote authors, but I rarely recommend books. The only time I did that (that I remember), was in 2012 and 2017. You can view those posts here and here.

A book I recommend. For those that are ready to look in a mirror.

I’ve been following David Goggins’ journey for almost seven years. The first time I heard of him was through Jesse Itzler. Even though I was a Goggins fan, I was never drawn to read his book. Maybe it was the title, or the uniform? I’m not sure. Something wasn’t resonating. Now that I think of it, it was simply timing. No one does something until they’re mentally ready. Ready by their own will, or made ready by the will of outside forces. Well, now is that time for me.

The book is excellent. I highly recommend it.

Title: Can’t Hurt Me
Author: David Goggins
Released: December 2018

If you read a printed version of this book, you must also listen to the audiobook! It puts everything in context and goes deeper into interesting experiences and nuggets of wisdom. The audiobook is like listening to a fun interview, with chapters of the book mixed in. It’s really good.

Sidenote: If you aren’t grown-up enough to hear cusswords, you aren’t grown-up enough to read this book. I’m speaking to ALL ages when I say that. People complain about the language used in this book, and now I hear there is a Clean Version. I have zero problem with how David talks/writes. It’s not my life story, it’s his life story! And if I’m going to read about it, I want to know what really happened. I don’t want it sugarcoated for the masses. I prefer the real story, and I recommend the original.

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