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James Aspey: Voiceless for Animals

James Aspey Voiceless 365

In January of 2014, James Aspey started his journey of not speaking for 365 days. It was in honor of all the abused animals (for lab testing, breeding, etc.) and slaughtered animals (killed unnecessarily for food, religious ceremonies and sport) that don’t have the ability to speak on their own behalf. With compassion & commitment, James achieved his goal of not speaking for a full year — but he wasn’t silent. He spent the entire year spreading a powerful message of awareness & non-violence for the animals that don’t have the same opportunity to do so.

James Aspey activist

If an animal could talk, what would it say? Would it yell for help when being tortured in laboratories for the testing of products for humans (examples here)? Would it ask repeatedly not to be tied up or crammed into small crates (examples here)? Would it try to convince those who snatch its newborn babies not to take them (examples here)? Would it plead for its freedom when enslaved by breeders for profit (examples here)? Would it beg for its life just before its throat is slit (examples here)? What would you say, if you suffered the plight of these animals? Would you speak out and try to save yourself or those you love?

If we can say we love animals, or love other living beings, or embrace the idea of peace on earth and equal rights — then I think we need to be honest with ourselves; is our exploitation of animals necessary or fair? Or is it cruel, and based on old traditions, food addictions and insensitive actions?

The thoughts I shared above all came to mind, as I was putting this blog post together. And they are part of a thought-wave I’ve shared on Sunday Is For Lovers over the years. You can find similar trains of thought here, and here, and here. I am so grateful for James Aspey, and the year he spent in 2014. And for all of the other animal rights activists (most of them never acknowledged or named, many of them working in secrecy or anonymously for others) that make a difference in the world. Whether they are cheered, seen or ever acknowledged, their every action has a ripple effect. This blog post is one very small example of that effect. So are the millions of people that have changed their lives after becoming more aware. (There are over 7 million vegetarians in the USA alone. Meat-less food alternatives are now a multi-billion dollar industry, because of the demand for vegan & vegetarian options. Each day the number of people that eat this way grows, and the examples of people living healthy & fulfilled lives, without the need to eat animals or animal products, becomes more evident.)

You can get to know James and his work via the videos below. James is very open with his contact information. So if you have any questions for him, you can find him via the links I share in this blog post. Also, his direct email address is listed on his website.

And don’t forget, you have a resource in me as well. If you have any questions on how to transition to a vegan or vegetarian diet, I would love to help you. I have over 25 years of experience (it includes both raw and cooked diets, so I can answer questions and share tips from both perspectives). I’m happy to help you, and it’s absolutely free of charge. You can find me via my contact page.

You can find James Aspey through the following links:

James Aspey

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No Excuse: Yoko Ono, Philip Wollen, Julia Butterfly Hill & Malala Yousafzai

julia butterfly hill lunaFour different generations of activists. All dedicating their lives to not only their personal work, but to the collective work it will take to create a compassionate world that reflects its values. The four of them have unique backgrounds that allow them to assist the world in different ways. Their age, their status, their finances, their education, their gender, their country of origin; regardless of these being high or low, near or far, good or bad, accepted or unaccepted — there is no excuse — everything is being used as an advantage. This is what it means to be brave, to be grateful — to live fully. When one lives this way, the whole world benefits & improves. Everyone is & has, exactly what they need to make a difference.

yoko ono frackngEverything we are, everything we have, can be used to make a difference in the world. A single life is linked to all lives. Each human life represents all of humanity. There is no pointing the finger. There is no room for blame. There is no time to sit & wait, hoping that things will get better (when someone else makes them better). You are the one you are waiting for.

How many choices throughout our lives have we been given? How many days, hours & minutes have we been given? How many more will we have? And if we are given more, what will we do with them?

(avant-garde artist, turning 80 years old tomorrow — prolific as ever)

(former Vice-President of Citibank & General Manager at Citicorp, 63 years old)

(daring environmentalist, turning 39 years old tomorrow)

(brave student, outspoken blogger, & gunshot survivor, 15 years old)

Links for each activist & links to assist their efforts:

Yoko Ono‘s Imagine Peace website, dedicated to peace activism.
The Artists Against Fracking website & list of participating artists, as well as what you can do.

Philip Wollen‘s venture capital for good causes website, Kindness Trust.
As well as his website recommendations for animal rights activism.
If you would like to watch the full debate Philip was featured in, click here to watch the video.

Julia Butterfly Hill‘s website recommendations for environmental activism.
As well as her partnership with The Engage Network, What’s Your Tree, & Off The Mat.

Malala Yousafzai‘s Malala Fund for women’s rights & education activism.
To view the New York Times‘ documentary about her life, click here.

….Happy Birthday Julia & Yoko! 

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The Future of Cosmetics (We create it!)

This post is about cosmetics & other personal care products. From morning to night, just take a rough estimate of how many you use. Include the things you use only monthly too. (Go ahead, I’ll wait for you.)

Are any of these on your list?

Teeth Whitener
Hand Soap
Face Cleanser
Face Cream
Body Wash
Body Lotion
Hair Gel
Hair Pomade
Hair Color
Body Scrub
Saving Cream
Body Powder
Nail Polish

Think of all of the products you use. Was it more than you thought it was? Even if you can say that you only use a few things, you use most of those things everyday, sometimes twice a day. – It does add up.

Take look at this video:

I’m sure the first thought most people have is “That is so extreme. It’ll never catch on. People won’t go for that.”

I am quite attached to my jet-black liquid eyeliner. So I can understand why people would resist something as subtle as using mashed berries for eye make-up. But is fruit for make-up really extreme?

Now look at this video:

Let’s use the same first thought from the previous video “That is so extreme. It’ll never catch on. People won’t go for that.”

Interesting, right? Why did something so extreme (& toxic) catch on? Why did people go for it? (& still go for it) It’s an interesting question.

The way most cosmetic & personal care products are made today is extreme. Raw fruit & veggies for make-up in my opinion is not extreme. It may not appeal to most of us. But if we really knew what was in the products we are being sold (what we put in & slather on our bodies) we may not find those products appealing either.

It’s definitely something to think about.

No matter what we think about it, let’s consciously create our future. Let’s spread love, spread awareness, & let’s choose wisely!

[Big thanks goes to Megan Elizabeth & The Story of Stuff Project for inspiring this blog post & for spreading awareness. Thank you!]


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