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Jar of Fears

Jar of Fears

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone their most amazing year yet. May it be full of super-big WOWs and all sorts of mind blowing moments that make you smile from every cell of your vibrant being!

Wishing the same for me too. I feel like the last batch (that’s an understatement) of years have been a real doozy. Chock-full of unexpected turns, interesting insights and bumpy roads I thought I would never have to cross. But here I am! Still on board for the next adventure. (Still have my furry pal at my side.) Ready to take on another year.

My plan is to embrace whatever happens in 2020 …but also MAKE IT GREAT. Create a year that stands out from all other years. Produce a year that feels like a warm ray of sunshine that illuminates and validates past years. That’s the plan.

I will be using a few things to help me do this.

1. Full Focus Planner
It will help me to stay clear, focused and on track.

2. One Line a Day – Five Year Memory Book (Book 1 of 2)
This will NOT be used for jotting down memories. Instead I will be using it to record the lengths of daily meditation sessions. I am aiming for 10 years straight of DAILY meditation sessions. The goal is not to miss a single day from 2020 to 2030! This goal will eventually require two of these journals. Each one holds 5 years of daily notes.

4. My Fitness Pal
This is a website I use where I record my health data. You can use it for counting macros, calories, water, exercise, etc… It’s the only thing that truly keeps my health on track. (In addition to getting enough sleep and working to lower stress, and getting good at saying “No”. Trying my best to raise the bar on those three things.)

4. Accountability Partner
It’s always helpful for me to have people (friends, coaches, etc.) that hold me accountable to my goals. I recommend choosing someone you pay, admire or deeply respect. Otherwise, you won’t take it seriously if you subconsciously don’t take them seriously, and vice versa.

5. The Jar of Fears
The most amazing year I ever had is when I wrote a list of my fears and spent a year crossing them off one-by-one. Since then, I’ve had the intention of conquering fears, but haven’t followed through. I simply never made it a dedicated habit or put a fear brawling practice in place. This year I have created something I am calling my JAR OF FEARS. It will sit on my desk, next to my computer. The goal is to feed it every time I feel overwhelmed or intimidated! (Which is pretty much daily.) I will write out the fear I want to challenge on a piece of paper. Get it done and over with. Then put the paper in the jar. On December 31st , 2020, I want to see how full the jar is! I also want to read through my crumpled fears and see if they still sound scary. (Knowing me, I’m sure most of them will sound silly at that point.) I’m very curious to see how it all turns out!

What are your plans for the new year?

Happy 2020! ♥


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