Magic of Thinking Big

Magic of Thinking Big

“Think little goals and expect little achievements.”

“Remember, you see in any situation what you expect to see.”

“Then it dawned on me that no one else was going to believe in me until I believed in myself.”

“Success depends on the support of other people. The only hurdle between you and what you want to be is the support of others.”

“Do what you fear and fear disappears.”

“Action cures fear.”

“How you think determines how you act. How you act, in turn, determines how others react to you.”

“Belief triggers the power to do.”

All quotes by David J. Schwartz


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Something Greater

something greater challenge yourself

When do you feel connected to something greater than yourself?

What makes you feel most alive? (List 3 ways it could be part of your daily routine.)

What accomplishment will you celebrate at the end of this year?

When do you feel like your best self? (List 3 ways you could feel like that everyday.)

What are 5 things you would do if you had 50 million sitting in your bank?

What is your biggest fear? (List 3 ways you could you overcome it.)

What would make next year your best year yet?

What is something you would love to change about your life? (List 3 ways you could change it as soon as possible.)

After you write all of your answers — get an accountability buddy and get busy! Make your desires a reality, and have FUN while you live your wild adventure (called life).

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Invite Someone…

dangerous tea party

Invite someone dangerous to tea.


Teatime is the caffeine version of nap time.

Fling yourself into story telling and tea sipping.

Reveal your best dangerous self.

There are no rules!

Wear hats and gloves, and tell your most fabulous stories.

Invite someone you’ve always wanted to meet!

Be an adventure.

By S.A.R.K.


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Choose the Adventure

Sara Blakely

“If you focus more on the adventure of trying, the outcome doesn’t hold so much power. Growing up my dad would encourage me to fail, to take risks, and try new things. After a perceived failure (because the only real failure is not trying), he would ask me what I got from the experience. I didn’t understand at the time why he was “forcing” me to recap failures. I eventually learned that there were always hidden blessings. Always some beautiful nugget that made my life more interesting and richer. Failure can either traumatize and immobilize us, or it can be seen as brave, daring and full of juicy nuggets that make us far more interesting than sitting on the couch. To think more like the latter takes practice and discipline, but it’s so worth it. Throughout my life, in reflection, I realized if given the choice, I would always choose the adventure over the outcome.” @sarablakely

Quote from Sara Blakely’s Instagram account

Plus one more…

sara blakely instagram

“Please, please, please be brave with your life! I often think about the end of my life, sitting in a rocking chair talking to my friend Christina (I’ve known since I was 3). I don’t want to be saying, “well, I wanted to try this, and that, and this, and that, but I didn’t because I was scared.” No way! #Goals be the one in the nursing home with the best stories! 👍😉 #BeBraveWithYourLife #NoRegrets”

sara blakely quote



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Feel Yourself Relax

relax meditate

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Beneath the Surface

Nia Wilson Illustration

I was sitting on a stretch of cushy green grass, looking at a landscape of Napa Valley hills. Noticing the contrast of color. Summer (and forest fires) took the green out of the hills. They were now a rusty camel color. My mind jumped to my to-do list. I began to think about what this Sunday’s blog post would be about. I thought I would share Elizabeth Gilbert’s (she’s the writer of Eat, Pray, Love) recent Instagram post about Nia Wilson. Or maybe I would share the work of the artist that painted Nia Wilson’s portrait? Or maybe I would share both? But then I started to think. About the sexism, racism, ageism, classism, and all of the other -isms. About all of the trauma, fear, ignorance, hate, confusion and injustice people have to face in their lives. And then my mind jumped back to the presence of stillness. To the beating of my own heart. To the air I breathe. To the bird taking flight from a tree branch across from me. To the wind dancing on my skin. To the amazing feeling of being alive and witnessing a miracle. To the pulse of the Universe. To the feeling of simply being. Simply being breathed. Simply feeling life live life. Without judgement. Without drama. Without a story. Just aliveness. Just surrender to all that is. I suddenly fell into a state of Grace and appreciation. I went from worry and fear to kindness and acceptance. Not passive acceptance — but unconditional love. The power of the truth in this moment. The power of stillness that is always waiting for us… just beneath the surface.

Link to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Nia Wilson post:

Link to Nia Wilson information:

Link to support Nia Wilson’s investigation & family:

Link to Sarah Green’s Instagram account:

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Dust Yourself Off

Great Story

Not sure what year it was, possibly late 2009. I decided I needed a creative coach and I hired someone from Canada. We worked via phone and email. It was a very simple process, and very helpful. I was more clear and productive (pursuing my own creative & private projects) then I have ever been.

Problem was, after the coaching was over, I removed and deleted all of the work I created from the internet. The reason being, I received a small amount of criticism and felt that the work was not understood by the general public. It was about being. I was sharing my thoughts and works centered around meditation, simplicity and being-ness.

Now that I look back on it, it was me that wasn’t ready for the work. It was my own self-criticism, insecurities and non-acceptance of a new path, a new form of creative expression in my life — that I wasn’t quite ready for.

There is a quote that says, “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” The fact that I wasn’t ready for public criticism means I wasn’t ready for the new work/life path and all it entailed.

It’s almost 10 years later now, and the resistance is still here. I feel it. On one hand I’m like, “Aimee, you dummy! What you were doing then was so great! You were ahead of your time! You should have kept going with it. Just dust yourself off and begin again. Continue with the work!” …And on the other hand, I can feel my jaw clenching and my heels digging into the ground. I’m still afraid of the unknown, still afraid of being different, …still fighting my own truth and self-expression.

So here I am. 43 years old. Still blocking truth and creative flow. Still too afraid to let stillness speak. Still playing safe and saving face. …Here I am, still occupying a half-baked life.

One can never truly live if they are hiding their own truth or innate gifts.

Life is meant to be shared, and it’s meant to be vulnerable and challenging.

It’s meant to be lived on the edge. Teetering and swaying, barely balancing on the fine line of known and unknown.

The quote from the Gospel of Thomas says, “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

Well, I guess it’s time to bring forth. Better late than never!

So the good news is, I decided to begin again. I decided to get coaching again, and I decided to explore the incorporeal nature of being-ness and mix it with the tangible process of creative presentation again.

The coach I’m currently working with is not a creative coach. He’s more of a business and life coach. Right now I am beginning with basic group coaching, just to clear my mind and create a spark. I started working with the group 3 weeks ago and it’s already helping so much. It’s re-ignitig a fire and getting me out of my comfort zone.

I’m so grateful for the dips, turns, crashes and waves of the journey I have been on. Each obstacle presented me with a Great Teacher, a sprit or guide nudging me to live more courageously, more truthfully. All along, they’ve been urging me to stop withholding and hiding, and share my heart & soul more abundantly.

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