Like a Rebirth

Saul Steinberg quote


“I think it is very important for people to run away…from home, from the mainstream, from their family, from the culture, from the society that produced them…because the moment I have to learn something new, like new habits, new languages, I myself have something like a rebirth. I reduce myself to the lowest denominator and this is very healthy for an artist. To start all over again.”

Quote by Saul Steinberg


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The Songs of Plants



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Unstoppable Force

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“Dare, dream, dance, smile, and sing loudly! And have faith that love is an unstoppable force!”

Quote by Suzanne Brockmann


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Transparency is Inspirational

jada pinkett will smith

Wow. I recently discovered some episodes of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk on Facebook. Part 1 & 2 of Jada and Will Smith discussing their relationship (falling apart to be reassembled, creating something new) is amazing. I love how they were so open about their challenges.

Part 1-

Part 2-

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The Art of Kazuo Shiraga

Kazuo Shiraga art

I can not remember that last time I was deeply moved by a painter’s work. This week I dug into the work of Japanese artist Kazuo Shiraga — known for using his entire body to manipulate his medium (typically oil paint or mud). He explored the relationship between body and material over the course of his career, creating large-scale foot paintings well into his eighties. I swoon over his black paintings on white paper. I just love the thickness of the paint, the bold strokes, and the way work represents the Unknown with such presence and aliveness. It emotes. Without words it gives form and context to that which is unspeakable. I feel the same way about Philip Glass’ work. I adore it for that same reason.

Kazuo Shiraga artist

Kazuo Shiraga mud

Kazuo Shiraga artwork

Kazuo Shiraga


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We Love Pit Bulls!


My heartstrings are easily pulled by special need and senior dog rescues, but lately it’s been pit bull rescues. A few weeks back I made a donation of dog supplies to a local animal shelter. As I walked around the facility, it was sad to see how many pit bulls were there. Since that day I’ve been thinking about them. I am so proud of organizations like New York Bully Crew, Pit Crew Sacramento, Love-A-Bull, Peace for Pits, BADRAP, Angel City Pit Bulls and others that are saving lives and making a difference. Thank you! Below are links to those organizations and a few videos that show the good that can happen when people come together to rescue pit bulls.


New York Bully Crew:

Pit Crew Sacramento:

Angel City Pit Bulls:


Peace for Pits:


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Change the Inner Game

tony robbins discipline

tony robbins life


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