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MOM = WOW :)

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This Sunday’s post is dedicated to Mother’s Day. If you are a mother, you know that it’s not an easy job. It’s for life and its tough. I send my heart and thanks to all mothers. Just think of the scope of mothers to be grateful for! We have the ultimate… Mother Earth, as well as mothers of all types of beings; the kind that fly, swim, walk, crawl or jump! Mothers come in all shapes, sizes and species. They also mother with different temperaments and philosophies — there is no rule book. I love the quote that says something about hindsight being 20/20. I’m a firm believer that we all have the mother that we needed to be who we are. Everything makes sense after we can fit all the puzzle pieces together and see the big picture of our lives. Somehow, in their own way, every mother did exactly what was needed for their child’s personal growth and transformation (without knowing it at the time.) I’ve written about my mom before, you can read about it in my Happy Birthday Mom! blog post. There is no doubt in my mind that I have the exact mother I needed in this lifetime. I owe so much of who I am (and the blessings I have) to my mom. The gratitude I have for her is immeasurable and beyond words. Even now, as I sit here writing and thinking… I’m speechless. I am simply filled with love and gratitude. There is no way I could ever show her how I feel, or put my feelings into words so that she can clearly understand how much I cherish her. All I can do is love her. In my own heart, in my own way… (*sigh*) simply love her. I wished it looked like more… like a boisterous parade down 5th Avenue, or the flashy fireworks on 4th of July, or like when a big prize is revealed on The Price Is Right and everyone goes nuts with excitement! I wish my love looked more flamboyant and eventful. But it doesn’t. It’s quiet and earthy, creative and silly, open and grateful — like me. :) I love my mom in my own way. As every kid does. And it may not look perfect, it may not be eventful… but it’s love. L-O-V-E, love.

I love you, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for all that you do, and thank you for always accepting me and being so supportive of me. I am so very grateful. And thank you for being YOU! :) I love you. So very much.

PLEASE NOTE: This blog post is reposted from Mother’s Day 2016. I’m sharing it once more! Today I’m with my mother. :) So I’ve taken the day off from writing. Wishing you all a fabulous holiday! 


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Rob Bell: Love, Freedom & Surrender


“Love is giving up control. It’s surrendering the desire to control the other person. The two—love and controlling power over the other person—are mutually exclusive. If we are serious about loving someone, we have to surrender all the desires within us to manipulate the relationship.”

“Freedom is not having everything we crave, it’s being able to go without the things we crave and being OK with it. ”

“Far too often, we don’t start because we can’t get our minds around the entire thing. We don’t take the first step because we can’t figure out the seventeenth step. But you don’t have to know the seventeenth step. You only have to know the first step. Because the first number is always 1. Start with 1.”

“Because with every action, comment, conversation, we have the choice to invite Heaven or Hell to Earth.”

“It’s all—let’s use a very specific word here—miraculous. You, me, love, quarks, sex, chocolate, the speed of light—it’s all miraculous, and it always has been.”

“Why blame the dark for being dark? It is far more helpful to ask why the light isn’t as bright as it could be.”

All quotes by Rob Bell

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happy birthday - i love you

August 10th is a very special day. It’s the day my mother was born. I can’t even begin to express what my mother means to me. Anything in words would never convey how I feel or what I know. But I will try my best to put something that should never be limited, structured, defined, or explained into in words.

My mom worked a lot when I was young. She worked at the family business and was constantly swamped in work. Often I was with my caretaker (Olinda) or under the supervision of my eldest sister. I’m not sure if my mother even remembers this, but we had something called “our day.” It’s a day when my mom spent some time focusing just on me. She would pick me up, drive somewhere we could have lunch (just the two of us, without my other four siblings), and ask me about myself; what I thought about things, how thing were going, etc.. Later she would buy me something, like a new pair of barrettes or a toy. Which was very exciting for me. This effort to show she cares about me, that I am important and not forgotten, made a huge impression on me. I ALWAYS FELT LOVED. I always felt special. And I was always secure in the fact that my mother loved me immensely and unconditionally. If I could say that there is one thing in my life, that I have always been clear about, without a shadow of a doubt — that would be it. That I am loved unconditionally by my mother, and that I am important to her.

happy birthday mom

My Mom

At the toughest phases in my life, it was that knowing, that clarity about her love for me, that allowed me to powerfully move through challenging experiences that would otherwise break my spirit. And in some of the worst times of my life (as a teen and as an adult), my mom dropped everything to be with me — she flew 3,000 miles to be with me. Even though I would insist that everything was fine, and that I didn’t need her to come. But each time she did that and went against what I told her, I was wrong. When she was there with me, I realized how powerful her presence was, and that I did need her. And her being there for me meant the world to me. Being the stubborn person that I am, I probably didn’t act like it, or say it, but I felt it and knew it.

My mom had an equal impact on my health. I was never athletic or adventurous as a child or teen. But when I was in my early twenties, my mother inspired me. She was such a stickler for her health. Rain or shine, travel or work, she got up early in the morning to exercise. She would also watch what she was eating, and try her best to eat healthfully. When she came to visit me in New York at the time, I just couldn’t get over the fact that my mom was fitter than me, and much more energetic and daring. And I was in my 20s! After her visit, my life dramatically changed. I started to exercise, and I began to take my health and my life seriously. I regularly challenged myself and faced my fears, and I made a lifelong commitment to make my health and well-being a priority.

Sunday Is For Lovers, AimeeLovesYou, how I sign off on each email with some expression of love… all of this is because I am very comfortable loving. I love people, I love life, I love learning — I love loving, and I think I have this capacity for love because of my mother. Let me rephrase that: I know I have this capacity for love because of my mother. It all started with her, teaching me what unconditional love was. And this example of supreme love, carried through my very being, and into my work and life with others. So without my Mom, there would be no Sunday Is For Lovers, there would be no AimeeLovesYou — there would be no me. It all stemmed from her — all of it.

Thank you, Mom! :) I love you SO MUCH, it’s unfathomable.



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