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The Power of Dan Harris & Rich Roll

rich roll meditation

Rich Roll interviewing Dan Harris on his podcast:

dan harris meditation
Dan Harris interviewing Rich Roll on his podcast:


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Robert Greene: The Utility of Weirdness


I know I bombarded you with a bundle of videos last week, but this week I have one more. It’s Robert Greene answering questions asked by Tom Bilyeu of Inside quest.

“There will never be anybody who is wired like you are wired. And the problem is, as you get older, you become more and more like other people… You are not in tune with something really special; and I like to use the word weird, because I think weird is a good word. There is something weird about you! It could be bad, but it could also be really good, you know? And your not mining that weirdness. You are letting it go, and you are becoming a copy of other people…” — Robert Greene

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Marianne Williamson & Caroline Myss: Tough Love

Marianne Williamson  Caroline Myss Tough Love

Today I watched a Marianne Williamson Google Talk I had never seen before. There is a confidence and a hardness that I see & feel from her. But the hardness is due to a deep deep bottomless love. An immeasurable ungraspable love. It’s powerful, and you can feel it as she talks. I think that ‘hardness’ I see & feel is mistaken. I think the English vocabulary is short on vocabulary. Sometimes deep love can feel tough or hard, but it’s just certain. It’s without a doubt. And just like a sure ‘yes’ or a sure ‘no’, it’s a done deal. It isn’t debatable, swayable, or open to being pushed around.

Shortly after I watched that Google Talk, I came across a Caroline Myss interview (with Lilou Mace) that I had seen before, but I watched it again. Caroline Myss also comes across confident and ‘hard’. It reminded me of the same energy I felt while watching Marianne Williamson talk. I thought to myself: they must have a similar knowing, it’s as simple as that.

Below are both videos. Both videos are excellent. They dive deep into many timely issues. Marion focuses her talk on creativity and leadership, while Caroline focuses on humility and grace. In the bigger picture, their words are painting the same image. The reason our society is in trouble, is because we haven’t seen the connection between creativity, leadership, humility and grace. I watch these videos because it’s important to make that connection. It’s equally important to share it. But what’s even more important is to live it. Awareness is the first step. Always.


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