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Hope For Paws & People

Hope For Paws

Just a quick post to share my favorite way to spend a little downtime. When I want to take a break and take my mind off of things, I love checking-out an Instagram account called @wolfgang2242 (make sure you read the captions, they’re great), or watching videos from Hope For Paws on Youtube. Be prepared to feel some emotions! Sometimes these accounts will make you clap and smile, and sometimes they’ll make you gasp and sigh. They don’t hide the facts, they share it all. I’m so very grateful for the work they do. They are helping both animals and people, in such a powerful way.

Link: @wolfgang2242
Link: Hope For Paws

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You are a Badass

badass quoteSo here I am, listening to Jen Sincero‘s You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life audiobook. I’m in bed, totally snuggled in — with a bright glowy morning light reaching across the room, shining on my mini refrigerator’s door. I’m staring at it. There is also a tiny pinch of hunger in my belly. It’s the basic hungriness that happens in the morning. Not so much out of hunger, but out of habit. Maybe that’s what my life is too. A hunger out of habit. A hunger for wanting more & better, simply because it’s either what we are trained to do or what we do naturally. In either case, I do it a lot. It’s not regrettable, and I don’t mind that I do it often. The reason for this is, I know we are more gifted than we think we are. I know that each one of us contains magic. I know that life itself contains infinite possibilities. And we are life. We live it and we are it. So if we can be and live infinite possibilities, then why do we live less than blow-your-socks-off lives? Why do we play small and sell ourselves short?

“You’ve gotten to where you are right now, by doing whatever it is you’re doing. So if you’re less than impressed with your current situation — you clearly need to change things up. If you want to live a life you’ve never lived, you have to do things you’ve never done.”

The above quote is from Jen Sincero, and she believes that the only reason we are living ‘less than impressive’ lives is because we hold limiting beliefs in the areas we are struggling in/with. For example, if you have a less than fun financial life you probably hold some negative beliefs around money. And if you have a less than fulfilling romantic life, you probably hold some negative beliefs around romance & partnership.

If you want to experience the feeling of having so much security & financial abundance that it’s coming out of your ears — and the feeling of so much companionship & romance that a stream of steamy-love is flowing out of your heart (and other places) — you have to exude that type of energy! You have to be it & live it. It can’t be all wants, or all talk, or even have an ounce of doubt. You gotta be like, “Yeah, that’s me. It’s just the way my life is. It’s who I am. Money & romance love me. Wherever I go, there it is!” This is of course easier said than done, but it can be done. But like Jen said, if you hold any negative beliefs, any hidden opposing beliefs, from bad past experiences, or programing from your parents’ examples/native culture/religion, etc.. — it ain’t gonna happen for ya. You are blocking or jinxing it. Plain and simple, you are in the way or you are messing it up. Well, not you physically. Your thinking is. Be it subconscious or conscious, your thinking is affecting your energy, and therefore making you less effective. Less magnetic with what you truly desire.

I’m telling you all this because I am telling myself. I’m not saying I have money flowing or romance growing (you never know though!). I’m just telling you about what I am reading (rather, listening to, via audiobook) and thinking about today.

I like thinking and digging into life, and seeing what I find. The more I dig, the deeper my life gets, the more rich & interesting it gets. I like looking beneath the surface and giving life a poke. I’m not interested in superficial or robotic living, I want something more exciting. Something passionate and fun. Something to write about (hee, hee…).

Okay, back to the book…. It’s f*ckin’ great! I highly recommend it. (This blog post took me most of the day, and so did the book. I did both as I did a bunch of other things today. I know, it’s not good to multi-task. But sometimes I have to.) Back to the book again… It’s not some self-help cheering section, or a book of blowing smoke up your a**. It’s the real deal! It goes into great detail, it’s well thought out and clear. It gives you practical steps in achieving your gold star too-hot-to-handle badassness. It’s also very funny. And I have to tell you, I don’t laugh easily. I smile easily, yes. But I don’t laugh unless I really feel that something is worthy of laughter. And this book is. Jen Sincero is a great writer, and she makes me laugh. (And no, this is not a paid endorsement for this book. I had no idea what to write about today, and this book is all I could think of. Because it happened to be in my life and on my mind.)

I almost want to give you notes from the book, but then I will spoil it. Just know that it is a complementary book to the way I think and the topics this blog (Sunday Is For Lovers) covers weekly. I haven’t bumped into a book in a while that is right up my alley. That’s why I am so excited about this one.

Before I go… just let me say this…

Get out of your old stories about why you can’t do this, or about why life isn’t great, or about the cards you are dealt. Let it go! Let all that past baggage go. Your life, your reality, is based on what you focus on. If you want to focus on fear, negativity or lack — that’s what you will see. If you want to focus on the fact that life is hard, or it isn’t worth the effort — life will show you examples of why you are right! Yes, I said it. Life will say, “Yeah, you are right!” Not because you are or aren’t, but because life gives & reflects what you are tuned into most. If you are all about the color purple, that’s what you will see, everywhere! And that is what you will get. This is the case even if you hate purple! If all you think about is how much you hate purple, guess what? Presto! Here’s sh*t-load of purple for you!

If you feel that you aren’t getting something or somewhere in life, or if you dream of a life greater than the one you have… Consider this, what are you afraid to share? What part of you are you holding back? How are you playing small? What are you desperately trying to control? How are you guarded or jaded or tainted or timid? Figure it out, then knock it off. Stop. It isn’t serving you.

Try getting closer to life. Get all up in its face! Get naked, be vulnerable. Let it know how much you love it. Let it know how much you are grateful for it. And that you aren’t afraid of it. Tell it how much you want to play with it. Let it know you have so much to offer it. And that you can’t wait to share your heart, ideas, talents and resources. Let it know that you will fully give your life to it. From now on, there is no holding back. It’s you & life, arm in arm, cheek to cheek. Walking off into the sunset, off in the distance. What a picture that is. How could that not be magical? All it takes is a refined focus and a better plan. That’s it. Change your mind, tweak your habits, and then get to work! Let’s make it happen.

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Fear, Authenticity & Big Magic

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If you had 3 more…

3 more

This week my sister emailed me a link to a Design Sponge article. It was an interview with a fashion designer. The interviewer asked the designer what they would do if they had 3 more hours in each day (27 hours, instead of the usual 24 hours). I thought it was a great question. It stumped me, I immediately asked myself what I would do with 3 additional hours everyday. I was honest, I was completely straight with myself. I said that I would probably blow it off, and lump it in with the rest of my day. The extra time would more than likely go unnoticed. I was surprised by my answer. It made me think that I was taking all of the hours I have each day for granted, spending them indulgently, allowing them to fly by unnoticed.

The question from the article really made me think, and as a result, two more questions came to mind:

1. What if I had 3 more friends?
(What kind of friends would I like them to be? What kind of relationship would I like to have with them? How would I like us to benefit each other?)

2. What if I had 3 more chances?
(What if I had the chance to improve upon something that I’ve neglected, written-off or failed at? In what ways would I reignite it and make it the way I know it has the potential to be?)

I feel like the two questions I came up with helps me to better answer the question from the fashion/design article. The reason I was not eagerly jumping at the chance to appreciate and wisely use the 3 additional hours — and gave my honest, yet unenthusiastic and unempowered answer, was because… I am not truly passionate about what I am currently doing and how I spend each day. If I was, I would grab the 3 extra hours and run with them, savoring and making the most of each minute, wildly & passionately enjoying all 3 hours — clearly seeing them as a gifted opportunity — as I should see all 24 hours of each day, that I am currently blessed with.

What if you had 3 more hours, 3 more friends, and 3 more chances? How would you spend the time? What would you want out of them? In what way would your life change?

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Xiuhtezcatl Martinez’ Wake Up Call

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

So many of us are asleep. We work, we set our goals, we entertain ourselves, and for the most part, our lives revolve around money. We love to make it and love to spend it. But little thought goes to how that money is made and what it fuels. Little thought goes to the game we are all sold, the game we seem to be addicted to. Our homes and our lives are filled with stuff, yet most of us are dreaming of a more fulfilling life. There are two things most people say: I’m always running out of time, and I would like to be making more money. There is nothing wrong with needing more time or desiring more money, but I think the scarcity of time & money stems from where we are placing our priorities. We are prioritizing things that suck up time & money like a vacuum. It’s no wonder we never seem to have enough.

There is a person I discovered today that seems to have his priorities in order. He is a compelling person that draws people in. His name is Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. (First name pronounced ‘Shu-TEZ-caht’, and his full last name is Roske-Martinez). Xiuhtezcatl is currently 14 years old and lives in Boulder, Colorado with his father (Siri Martinez, activist of Aztec decent), mother (Tamara Roske, also an activist), younger brother (Itzcuauhtli, 11 year old activist) and little sister (Tonantzin, 5 year old activist). I am impressed with the leadership in this family, and it shows in Xiuhtezcatl (as well as the younger children). You can see that consistent parenting and standing by one’s ideals have paid off. Without ever meeting his parents, I am proud of them.

I am going to share a few of Xiuhtezcatl’s videos with you. The first video is of him at 6 years of age, and the other videos are of various ages. In the last eight years he has come a long way, yet he has stayed true.

Before I share the videos, I want to thank him and his family: May we all be the light for others that Xiuhtezcatl is for us. May we help him and share his message. May we look at ourselves and ask what we can do to take responsibility. May we do what it takes to make a difference and inspire others.

Big thanks to the whole Roske-Martinez family! Thank you!

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Hour of Power : Time to Move


I’m more than aware that moving brings energy. I recently moved from New York City to the Appalachian mountains. The whole process took so much mental and physical energy. It’s very easy to stay rooted in one’s comfort zone, but there comes a time when one just has to move. And it feels scary, unpredictable, risky. Like one is moving away from their life source. It’s always worth it though. All the new people, energy, experiences, challenges — all great for personal growth. But there is another kind of moving that brings energy as well. One that I’ve dearly missed since leaving New York. The Big Apple is full of energy: bright lights, speeding taxis, crowed airports and roaring subways. People rushing mindlessly & frantically to get somewhere; be it in their life goals & pursuits, or to simply reach a particular destination on time. The city is also filled to the brim with places where people can practice movement, like gyms, dance centers, yoga studios, driving ranges, swimming pools, basketball courts and running tracks. And let’s not forget, the walkers. One can walk for hours in New York City. You can zig zag for days. And most people do.

After moving to the mountains, I missed being able to move like I did in a big city. I don’t have the options here to dance, or to be with like minds that want to walk everywhere, or bring their body to a full sweat. But something came to mind this week, something I hadn’t thought about in years. Something I read in a book, back in 2002. It’s Tony RobbinsHour of Power. It’s basically a ritual you set up for yourself, that ideally takes place first thing in the morning.

This week I decided to start each day with an hour ritual that completely aligns me and sets-up the rest of my day. It might be a little different from what Tony Robbins recommends, but it’s in the same vein.

I start my day with a 15 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), short bursts of exercises, that gets me sweating & breathing fully. After that, I go into a more meditative, but still active 15 minute stretching session. Followed by 15 minutes of seated meditation, along with 15 minutes of spiritual reading (from any spiritual book, you can find my favorites here). Right now this whole routine takes me only one hour, and what I’d like to do is add-on to the HIIT session, so that by winter, the whole routine will be 90 minutes (because by then, HIIT will be 45 minutes long).

So far I am absolutely loving this routine! It has brought me to much energy and clarity. It was exactly what I needed.

If you’d like to know more about Tony Robbins’ Hour of Power, he explains it all in this video:


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Very Few People : Grimes Quote

Grimes_ Claire Elise Boucher

Very few people on the planet have the opportunity to even follow their dreams at all. Most people live in poverty, or in communities where the repercussions for behaving how they want are a lot worse than just people talking shit. If doing what you want is an option for you, you should do it, because you’re one of the few lucky people who can. And even if you fail, you will be in a better position than if you’d never tried. Every horrible thing that has ever happened to me has added integrity to my art and improved my understanding of the human race.

(The very people Grimes speaks about is me & you. Just wanted to make sure you knew that.)

Filmed May 30th, 2011 at The Sub in San Fransisco, California.

Grimes, is a Canadian producer, artist, musician, singer-songwriter and music video director. You can find out more information about her through her website, wiki page, and Tumblr account.

Grimes - Artist  - Production

Grimes Artwork

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