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Good Deeds and Great Works


I stumbled upon Caitlin Cimini’s account on Instagram this week. Too cute not to share! You have to see her videos of Janet & Stephen. I can’t get enough of those two. Little moments of happy-smily-bliss watching them romp around. It’s instant happiness for me. Here is a link to her account: @boochaces Go see those videos! …And here is a link to her website too:

Another account I found (while on Caitlin’s page) was Sammantha Margaret. Wow. Really stunning photography. Her work is absolutely excellent, very top-notch. I will link to her Instagram page as well: @sfisherx

Included in this blog post is a selection of photos from Caitlin Cimini’s Instagram page, and Sammantha Margaret’s photo of Stephen is the top image. Visit her website to see more of her photography. You’ll be so glad you did.

Caitlin Cimini


animal friends

animal sanctuary

goat photo

rancho relaxo

pig photo

cute pig


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Are you committed?


Today’s blog post was snagged from Tim Ferriss’ newsletter. You can find the whole post via this link. But below is the part that stood out and inspired me to share.

Our lives are shaped not by our conditions, but by our decisions. If you look back on the last 5 or 10 years I’d be willing to bet that you can recall a decision or two that has truly changed your life. Maybe it was a decision about where to go to school, what profession to pursue, or who you chose to love or marry. Looking back on it now, can you see how radically different your life would be today if you had made a different decision? These and so many other decisions determine the direction of your life and can change your destiny.

So what’s the biggest decision you can make in your life right now? In the past, I would have told you that what matters most is who you decide to spend your time with, who you decide to love. After all, the company you keep will powerfully shape who you become.

But over the last two years, my thinking has evolved. What I’ve come to realize is that the single most important decision in life is this: Are you committed to being happy, no matter what happens to you?

To put this another way, will you commit to enjoying life not only when everything goes your way but also when everything goes against you, when injustice happens, when someone screws you over, when you lose something or someone you love, or when nobody seems to understand or appreciate you? Unless we make this definitive decision to stop suffering and live in a beautiful state, our survival minds will create suffering whenever our desires, expectations, or preferences are not met. What a waste of so much of our lives!

This is a decision that can change everything in your life, starting today. But it’s not enough just to say that you’d like to make this change or that your preference is to be happy no matter what. You have to own this decision, do whatever it takes to make it happen, and cut off any possibility of turning back. If you want to take the island, you have to burn the boats. You have to decide that you’re 100% responsible for your state of mind and for your experience of this life.

What it really comes down to is drawing a line in the sand today and declaring, “I’m done with suffering. I’m going to live every day to the fullest and find juice in every moment, including the ones I don’t like, BECAUSE LIFE IS JUST TOO SHORT TO SUFFER.”


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Marianne Williamson: Depression, Happiness, Peace & Politics

Marianne Williamson

A woman with a strong presence is such a force to be reckoned with. When I think of that type of woman, Marianne Williamson is such a great example. Her energy and wisdom can not be denied. Often when I hear her speak, it’s like I want to hold her words a little longer. It’s like I’m being nourished with words that I want to fully digest and be a part of. So much of what she says and who she is resonates with me.

This week I watched an episode of the School of Greatness with Marianne Williamson. I’ll post it below for you. But I also want to share an old RuPaul video (longtime readers of Sunday Is For Lovers know how much I love RuPaul). He shares some misgivings he has about Marianne’s path in politics. I totally agree (100%) with what he has to say, but I also think Marianne makes a good point too. In hindsight we get to see how it all played out, because the conversation he had with Marianne was from 2013, and the School of Greatness video is current (from June 2016). Both videos discuss her desire & path in politics.

Politics aside, I’m interested in what Marianne has to say about a personal sense of peace. From my own words and experience; politics will come & go (so will much of everything else), but what remains is our relationship with ourselves. Truthfully, what is happening in that relationship? What’s happening in the mind? What’s happening within us? What is that relationship with ourselves really like? Is it freeing or enslaving? Is it peaceful or at war? Is it violent or lovingly compassionate? The state of affairs in the world is a direct reflection of the chaos, struggle and battle within our own minds. It’s manifesting as a collective force. To change the collective (the collective mindstate), we have to be responsible for the state of the individual. How could we ever expect peace to come from outside of ourselves? It’s not going to come from another person, or from a change in government, or even from more of what we want. Peace is an inside job. It happens from the inside out. It’s the result of a greater sense of awareness and understanding.

That’s my 2 cents on the matter, but I was thrilled to listen to what Marianne had to say about the topic.

Marianne Williamson on the School of Greatness:

RuPaul’s thoughts on Marianne & politics:

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