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Rich Roll: Poop, Purpose & Peace

Rich Roll 2016


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On Your Best Day

your best day

I’ll be turning 40 in less than 6 weeks. I’m excited to enter a new year (2015!) and a new decade (my 40s!). For some reason, I’m excited to turn 40. Eager to see how my life unfolds from that point forward.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what works for me and what doesn’t, and the gift that growing older gives. As I think about entering a new phase of my life, I know how I want my life to feel. Goals and excessive planning have little interest for me. In my opinion, people set goals for desired feelings in the future, that are completely possible in the present. I don’t believe in setting goals, I believe in setting up an environment to foster feelings.

This month, I decided to get a head start on the new year and create a daily practice that I will work to maintain throughout the year. The purpose of this practice is to create the ideal day, that fosters ideal feelings, that evolves into an amazing year, and adds up to a extraordinary life.

I have a few things on my list that are always keys to feeling my best. I haven’t designed my perfect day yet, so I’ll just share with you a few of the things that I am planning on incorporating into my daily mix & plan.

These are in no special order, I’m listing them randomly.

  • Waking up early, when the morning is silent & fresh.
  • Drinking plenty of water, 1 – 2 liters during the day.
  • Exercising & deep breathing first thing in the morning.
  • Having liquid meals, especially green smoothies & juices.
  • Meditative & reflective moments, time taken for stillness in action.
  • Being creative & self-expressed in all that I do.
  • Eating a nourishing whole-food homemade vegan meal.
  • Taking care of what is most important, living my priorities.
  • Sharing my work and myself with others openly.
  • Maintaining a neat, minimal & organized home environment.
  • Getting fresh air in my lungs & warm sunrays on my face.
  • Being honest with myself & others, living my truth.

When that list is a part of my day, I have a great day! I feel great, I have great energy, and I go to bed reflecting on a day well spent — eager to do it all again the next day.

In the next few days, I am going to design a daily practice, a step-by-step routine, that I will follow for 2015. It doesn’t matter to me that each day goes as written. What does matter to me is that I am living my values and setting standards for myself. I want a great life, and it all starts with a great day — over & over, becoming better & better, getting sweeter with time.

What are you like on your best days? What are you doing? What does it feel like? What usually starts it or sparks it? Is there a way that you can make it a daily habit or practice? What would a dedicated year of those activities & feelings give you? How would it change you? Would it be the best year of your life?


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Hour of Power : Time to Move


I’m more than aware that moving brings energy. I recently moved from New York City to the Appalachian mountains. The whole process took so much mental and physical energy. It’s very easy to stay rooted in one’s comfort zone, but there comes a time when one just has to move. And it feels scary, unpredictable, risky. Like one is moving away from their life source. It’s always worth it though. All the new people, energy, experiences, challenges — all great for personal growth. But there is another kind of moving that brings energy as well. One that I’ve dearly missed since leaving New York. The Big Apple is full of energy: bright lights, speeding taxis, crowed airports and roaring subways. People rushing mindlessly & frantically to get somewhere; be it in their life goals & pursuits, or to simply reach a particular destination on time. The city is also filled to the brim with places where people can practice movement, like gyms, dance centers, yoga studios, driving ranges, swimming pools, basketball courts and running tracks. And let’s not forget, the walkers. One can walk for hours in New York City. You can zig zag for days. And most people do.

After moving to the mountains, I missed being able to move like I did in a big city. I don’t have the options here to dance, or to be with like minds that want to walk everywhere, or bring their body to a full sweat. But something came to mind this week, something I hadn’t thought about in years. Something I read in a book, back in 2002. It’s Tony RobbinsHour of Power. It’s basically a ritual you set up for yourself, that ideally takes place first thing in the morning.

This week I decided to start each day with an hour ritual that completely aligns me and sets-up the rest of my day. It might be a little different from what Tony Robbins recommends, but it’s in the same vein.

I start my day with a 15 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), short bursts of exercises, that gets me sweating & breathing fully. After that, I go into a more meditative, but still active 15 minute stretching session. Followed by 15 minutes of seated meditation, along with 15 minutes of spiritual reading (from any spiritual book, you can find my favorites here). Right now this whole routine takes me only one hour, and what I’d like to do is add-on to the HIIT session, so that by winter, the whole routine will be 90 minutes (because by then, HIIT will be 45 minutes long).

So far I am absolutely loving this routine! It has brought me to much energy and clarity. It was exactly what I needed.

If you’d like to know more about Tony Robbins’ Hour of Power, he explains it all in this video:


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