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This One


I love good quotes. I love sharing them and stumbling upon them, and finding them buried in text as I read.

This week I shared a Seneca quote with my friend that kept echoing in my mind.

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”

I kept wanting to reread it. And sit with it.

Everyone has challenges. Obstacles come and go. There’s always something that needs work.

But for me it’s really mental. Everything is in my head. Life is really perfect as it is, yet I — key word,  I — am making things difficult. Why?

I have to ask myself: Where am I stuck/challenged in my mind? Why am I making things more difficult for myself by holding on to old thought patterns? How can I completely release my outdated and unhelpful paradigms?

After I wrote those questions, I felt like I should be asking better questions. But those are the questions coming out of my current paradigm and mindset. Ha! Do you see the pickle I’m in?

A few minutes after I wrote the above text, I found this video:

And then this one:

I’m sure I’ll find lots more on the topic, but this is a good start.

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The 3 Ds: Three Ways to Release Unwanted Energy and Stay Clear

let go negative energy

Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. (Happy Birthday, Bro! :)) He and I usually have really great conversations. During our conversation yesterday, I was telling him that the cleaner one gets (eating raw vegan or gluten-free vegan foods, living with clean air, exercising/sweating regularly, living completely sober: alcohol-free & drug-free, cleansing/fasting for health, staying away from negative news/media/movies/books, etc..), the more sensitive someone becomes. All of their senses brighten & heighten, and as a result, they become very sensitive. On one hand this is really great! It’s a beautiful thing! But on the other hand, just the slightest bit of toxicity (or negativity) really affects them. They also experience their emotions more fully and more often. This can be challenging for most people, and it can seem like a curse instead of a blessing.

In my opinion, when someone drastically changes their lifestyle and adopts a cleaner way of living, it’s wise to put a plan in place to deal with the feelings/energy that may come up. When unwanted energy is present and is creating an imbalance, it needs to be released. The same plan would be equally helpful for someone that is naturally an empath, someone who easily absorbs other people’s energy (I wrote a blog post about empaths recently, titled Are You a Stress Sponge?), or anyone that is dehydrated or over-spent — which is pretty much most of the industrialized world.

So whether you are cleansing periodically, or have a very clean lifestyle, or someone who is sensitive to their environment, or someone that is over-doing it in life — give my suggestions below a try. They might come in handy.

The 3 Ds: Three Ways to Release Unwanted Energy and Stay Clear

Release Unwanted Energy Stay ClearWhen we are dried-out (dehydrated) and over-spent (over-worked, under-carbed, under-slept), static clinging of energies can be inevitable. Think of these energies as static cling on clothing when it’s pulled out of the dryer. It’s been overheated and tossed around excessively, and a static electricity starts to happen. The same can happen to someone that is highly sensitive; like empaths, or people that have very clean lifestyles. They can pick-up on things very easily, and this includes unwanted energy or a stagnant/static energy. When it happens, try one of the following techniques to let go and reboot. I call these techniques the three Ds. The three Ds are Discharge, Dissipate and Drop. Choose one of these techniques to get clear again. And if the feeling/energy is more challenging to release, try all three.

Discharge – Think of it like an outflow, release or out-pouring of negative energy. In moving and forcing this energy to flow, it creates clear open space for new energy to move in. This new energy is a cleaner energy that creates a more positive energy and sense of well-being.

One way to discharge energy/feelings is to exercise. Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming — are all great ways to get energy flowing and to bring clarity and a feeling of spaciousness to mind & body.

Dissipate – Think of it like think gray smoke, gradually wafting until it’s gone and the room is clear. Another example is of a pile of autumn leaves, slowly being scattered by the wind until it’s gone and blown away.

One way to dissipate energy/feelings is to meditate. Simply sit/be with what you are experiencing. Stay with it and be present to it completely, until it gradually leaves you. Noticing your breath is a good way to see if you are still holing on to negative energy/feelings. Your breathing will feel shallow and rapid, and your chest will feel contracted when stressed. When relaxed, breathing is effortless, deep and very slow.

Drop – Think of it like holding on to something tightly in your fists. Then, suddenly open your hands completely, allowing what was being held to drop to the ground. Feel that you could shake out your hands, and be completely free, with no memory of what you were once holding.

One way to drop energy/feelings to shake it off mentally. Think of a dog, after it gets out of water — just shaking itself off vigorously. Just flick everything that is weighing on you (mentally & energetically) off. Happily let it go and set it free. You could also imagine your experience/energy/feelings at the moment on a chalkboard. Imagine it taking up the whole board, in an elaborate design. Slowly erase all that is visualized with your chalkboard eraser. Keep erasing it in your mind until the chalkboard is clear and returns to black, until it returns to its original state.

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The Enormous Dance of Stuff


Sometimes it’s all too much. Don’t you feel that way? I feel like everyone I know is overloaded with stuff. Stuff can be anything, but it’s mostly desires. Desires past and desires present. I know people with great homes, great jobs, great partners, that were all a part of past desires. But now the enthusiasm for these past desires have been replaced by new desires. And those things, people, or places that were once so important, or so exciting, now seem in the way of achieving the new desires. Why do we need so much? Why do we have so much? Why does it take so much to achieve or destroy (get rid of, change, swap) our desires? Do you know anyone selling their property? What about looking to buy property? Or leaving a partnership/relationship? Or seeking a new one? What about changing careers? I do. And I can tell you right now, it’s a b*tch. So why do we keep doing it to ourselves?

I know Buddhists think that being desireless is the path to enlightenment. But I’ll leave that for another blog post. For now let’s just work with the fact that we have desires, and to be human and desireless feels pretty impossible for most of us. Some might ask, “Isn’t having desires part of being human? Doesn’t having desires make us human? Or is that emotions? Is having emotions what makes us human?” I can tell you right now that plenty of plants and puppies want and emote. So we are obviously not special in that department. [If you don’t believe that plants have feelings or wants, read The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird.] So what is it then? Why are we filled with insatiable desire? And why does it cause us to suffer?

I believe that who we are is infinite. And in the words of Buckminster Fuller; who we are is 99% invisible. [“Ninety-nine percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable.” – Buckminster Fuller] I believe that we are creators. So why is this need to constantly create viewed as painful desires instead of plain ol’ creativity? Do you have any idea how many times a sculptor scraps an idea? Or molds one face into another? What about an interior designer? We can only imagine how many times they might change a room. So why is it in a sense effortless for them to be who they are and almost painful for us to be who we are?

I think it’s not so much the desire that is causing the trouble, but the attachment to it, as well as the meaning we’ve plastered all over it. And if we add impatience on top of it, we have some real suffering (or work) laid out for us. Let’s go back to that first statement I made about homes, partnerships and careers. How many of those desires were rushed because the one that wanted them was feeling impatient at the time? They needed them now, or for various reasons felt that it was now or never.

I think we see who we are in this person, place, or thing we want so bad. We want to feel like we know who we are, (and can show who we are to others), as well as feel in control of who we are. And we don’t want to wait another minute for it! But what about the creator? The designer, the artist I talked about? If we are just like them, (and we are), we should know that we are only the instrument. We are the vessel for creative energy to flow through. If we think like Michelangelo, if we work to set what we are creating free, isn’t that so much more empowering? [“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” – Michelangelo] Think about it. We are setting this house, this partner, this career we want (or don’t want) free! Creating & destroying (letting go) become equal partners; one helping the other. If we view things in this way, there is no attachment. And why bother with impatience. This thing that we are creating or letting go is its own thing. It happens on its own time. No rush. It’s not ours to give or take, we’re only part of the energy that moves it.

We can exhale. We can give ourselves a much needed break and take all of the pressure off. This mad rush of things in our life or this life of things is just a dance. Let’s step back and enjoy being moved as much as we love to move things. This enormous dance of stuff is part of an even bigger dance. The most magnificent & extraordinary dance you can imagine. So let’s let go of who is doing what, and let’s trust that we are doing it together. We are one, and we are all moving. As long as we are movin’ & groovin’ as we set things free (including ourselves), there is nothing to worry about. The more we feel in alignment, the less stuff we will need or feel burdened by. I write these things not because I do them effortlessly, but because I don’t. I had the craziest week this week. Full of push & pull, unnecessary thinking, and heels stuck firmly in the ground. I definitely wasn’t dancing. And if I felt moved, it was moved to tears. I had to step back and see what there was to see. This blog post is me taking another look and sharing the view. I feel so much better now. I can let go and enjoy the dance.

[Today’s blog post was written and posted back in May 2011.]

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Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

simplify finding balanceI can’t seem to heed or hear these words enough: simplify, simplify, simplify. Somehow my life seems to twist and turn and end up in complicated places. Places where I try to mix other people’s wants and needs with my own.

Well, I don’t think it’s really about wants & needs, more like imagined dreams & desires. Life is a dream. We add story and meaning behind the impersonal and the empty. Life really can be simple, straightforward, seamless and serene. Yet, the drama, the passion, the drive, the fuel behind the fire — it creeps in like a thief in the night. Sometimes passion, and fire, and drama are great! They make for great movies. They make for great gossip, and great memories to obsess and to stew over for years. But they don’t seem to be great for peace and serenity. They don’t seem to be useful for balance and health.

Of course I’m speaking generally. And of course words can be twisted and and taken in directions not intended. All I’m saying is; I don’t like it when things get unnecessarily complicated. I don’t like it when egos or illusory identities clash and bump heads. I don’t like it when… I don’t like it. I hate when I catch myself not liking what I am part of, what I am giving my energy to. Not only is it not fulfilling, it’s completely draining. I like to like, just like I love to love. I’m my best when I’m open, loving and liking, appreciating all that I am part of.

I want to be liking and loving all day, every day. Not feeling the draining pull of resistance, along with the discomfort that comes from trying too hard. And let’s not forget fear. Where there is inauthenticity, too much effort, and the feeling like one is far from their center… there is fear. The fear of telling someone no, or the fear of not being honest with oneself, or the fear of simply not knowing what might come next.

This soup of fear, tension, cloudiness and resistance — the teetering decision making — not feeling here or there, or clear about anything. Even when it’s for a few minutes, it’s more than I can tolerate. It takes me to a place that feels like a tight shoe, like I’m walking and every step is uncomfortable, every step is an internal struggle. And I’m walking with a face that says everything is OK, when in actuality, it isn’t.

Every so often, I have to go over my life and look for the ‘tight shoes’. I have to see where I am being inauthentic, where I am participating in projects or conversations that are not in alignment with my highest self. And most importantly, I have to see where I am betraying myself. Where I have left and abandoned the purity of the soul that is behind the corporeal persona. I’m going through one of those moments right now, I’ve been feeling it all week. And it’s good! I celebrate moments like these. Moments when I have to say: STOP! What is all this about? Simplify. Let go. Drop what isn’t yours (literally, but more so figuratively). And walkaway, knowing that peace can only be realized, and the sweetness that is your soul is ever present. Nothing is ever needed, nothing is ever gained. And the love you imagine that might be taken away for living your truth, isn’t love.

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