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Loving the Feeling of This

Isaac Mizrahi art

If anyone knows the iPhone app that Isaac Mizrahi used to make this video, please tell me. It looks so so much fun! I want to make some whimsical-y intimate videos like this too. It’s right up my alley.

Also, as a side note… Isaac’s book that was released last winter is a joy to listen to on Audible (of course you can read the book, but I like hearing Isaac act it out). If you vibe with his energy and work, you’ll be entertained by “I.M.: A Memoir”. It kept me company as I worked on a creative project and the time flew by!


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The Brilliant Mind of Laura Berger

brilliant mind

Last week my sister sent me a link to some really funny notecards for sale. They were very creative and refreshingly candid. My first thoughts was, “Who is making these? They’re brilliant.” I quickly found the artist’s name — it was Laura Berger of Chicago, Illinois. I’m so happy I found her work, and I’m thrilled I get to share it with you today.

I’m going to share a few of her notecard images from her Etsy shop (the actual notecards are paper, not digital — and there are 60 more to view or choose from!) In the shop there are also art prints and other goodies for sale (I fell in love with this lil’ notebook and bought it for a friend). You can also visit her website , there’s lots to see there as well. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot… you can find her on Tumblr too.

Laura Berger etsy

Laura Berger art

Laura Berger card

Laura Berger

Laura Berger artist

Laura Berger notecard

Laura Berger artwork


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