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If it isn’t a problem for me, the problem doesn’t exist.

“Four random cis, straight white guys discuss inequality” by Liana Finck

To see more of her sketches, visit Liana’s IG account: @lianafinck

And please, make sure you vote! #BidenHarris2020

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Well that was a fail.

I was trying something new and it didn’t work! :) It posted to the blog, but didn’t get out to my subscribers. So I have to post this announcement. Here’s your blog post link if you’re reading this via email. And if you’re already on Sunday Is For Lovers, just scroll down.

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The Art of Crys Yin & Natalie Wynn

skull 2020

I wrote this week’s blog post five times, completing four different posts, choosing from six different ideas! I just couldn’t decide on what I wanted to share. There is so much going on in the U.S.. Everything was competing for attention.

So I decided to combine two ideas. I want to share the art of Crys Yin. She usually paints with a colorful palette, but for the moment I’m interested in her black & white political posters. That’s what I’ll share with you today. You’ll find her image and artwork below the video.

I also love the work of Natalie Wynn. She creates Youtube videos under the name ContraPoints. She’s my safe place when I feel overwhelmed by normies. (Which is often.) I had a feeling she wouldn’t be excited about Biden, but I’m glad she voted for him. She explains it all in the video.

Speaking of voting… please say you did. And if you didn’t, click here. Vote him out. Do it as early as you can. Thanks!


1 pro choice trump

2 blm 2020

37 cents


trump lies

climate change


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Liana Finck Sketches

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The Trouble with Artists


In 1845, Leopold I, King of the Belgians, wrote a letter to Queen Victoria, warning her about people like me. :)

The King of the Belgians to Queen Victoria.

St. Cloud, 10th October 1845.

My Dearest Victoria – All you say about our dear Albert, whom I love like my own child, is perfectly true. The attacks, however unjust, have but one advantage, that of showing the points the enemy thinks weakest and best calculated to hurt. This, being the case, Anson, without boring A. with daily accounts which in the end become very irksome, should pay attention to these very points, and contribute to avoid what may be turned to account by the enemy. To hope to escape censure and calumny is next to impossible, but whatever is considered by the enemy as a fit subject for attack is better modified or avoided. The dealings with artists, for instance, require great prudence; they are acquainted with all classes of society, and for that very reason dangerous; they are hardly ever satisfied, and when you have too much to do with them, you are sure to have des ennuis…

Your devoted Uncle, Leopold R.

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 12.37.28 AM

Graffiti by Not For Them Art House


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Bryan Zanisnik’s Big Pivot

Bryan Zanisnik

Bryan Zanisnik artist

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The Art of Johan Deckmann

Johan Deckmann art 4

5 artwork Johan Deckmann

art Johan Deckmann 2

7 Johan Deckmann

3.5 Johan Deckmann

3 Johan Deckmann books

9 Johan Deckmann

Johan Deckmann 8

Johan Deckmann 1

Johan Deckmann quote 6

Johan Deckmann 10

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Marina Abramovic: Pure Process

Marina Abramovic artist

“Once, Picasso was asked what his paintings meant. He said, “Do you ever know what the birds are singing? You don’t. But you listen to them anyway.” So, sometimes with art, it is important just to look.”

“It taught me that the process was more important than the result, just as the performance means more to me than the object. I saw the process of making it and then the process of its unmaking. There was no duration or stability to it. It was pure process. Later on I read—and loved—the Yves Klein quote: “My paintings are but the ashes of my art.”

“Art is not just about another beautiful painting that matches your dining room floor. Art has to be disturbing, art has to ask a question, art has to predict the future.”

“For the first three months, I place each student at a table with a thousand pieces of white paper and a trash can underneath. Every day they have to sit at the table for several hours and write ideas. They put the ideas they like on the right side of the table; the ones they don’t like, they put in the trash. But we don’t throw out the trash. After three months, I only take the ideas from the trash can. I don’t even look at the ideas they liked. Because the trash can is a treasure trove of things they’re afraid to do.”

“What you’re doing is not important. What is really important is the state of mind from which you do it.”

“Make it simple. Increase contact. Remove barriers.”

“I am only interested in the ideas that become obsessive and make me feel uneasy. The ideas that I’m afraid of.”

“It’s so easy to do things you like. But then, the thing is, when you’re afraid of something, face it; go for it. You become a better human being.”

“Then I woke up and the reality of the dream was stronger than the reality of the day.”

“The world doesn’t need an artist who shows reality as it is.”

All quotes by Marina Abramovic


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