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James Turrell: To Be Light

Juke, Green, 1968

There is a reason why so many people are “borrowing” the style of James Turrell’s artwork. …It’s amazing.

Three Saros

“My work is more about your seeing than it is about my seeing, although it is a product of my seeing. I’m also interested in the sense of presence of space; that is space where you feel a presence, almost an entity — that physical feeling and power that space can give.”

James Turrell Light

“I always wanted to make a light that looks like the light you see in your dream. Because the way that light infuses the dream, the way the atmosphere is colored, the way light rains off people with auras and things like that…We don’t normally see light like that. But we all know it. So this is no unfamiliar territory – or not unfamiliar light. I like to have this kind of light that reminds us of this other place we know.”


“My work is about your seeing. There is a rich tradition in painting of work about light, but it is not light — it is the record of seeing. My material is light, and it is responsive to your seeing.”

Ganzfeld Double Vision

“My work has no object, no image and no focus. With no object, no image and no focus, what are you looking at? You are looking at you looking. What is important to me is to create an experience of wordless thought.”


“My works are about light in the sense that light is present and there; the work is made of light. It’s not about light or a record of it, but it is light. Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself revelation.”


“We live within this reality we create, and we’re quite unaware of how we create the reality. So the work is often a general koan into how we go about forming this world in which we live, in particular with seeing.”


All quotes by James Turrell


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The Art of Kazuo Shiraga

Kazuo Shiraga art

I can not remember that last time I was deeply moved by a painter’s work. This week I dug into the work of Japanese artist Kazuo Shiraga — known for using his entire body to manipulate his medium (typically oil paint or mud). He explored the relationship between body and material over the course of his career, creating large-scale foot paintings well into his eighties. I swoon over his black paintings on white paper. I just love the thickness of the paint, the bold strokes, and the way work represents the Unknown with such presence and aliveness. It emotes. Without words it gives form and context to that which is unspeakable. I feel the same way about Philip Glass’ work. I adore it for that same reason.

Kazuo Shiraga artist

Kazuo Shiraga mud

Kazuo Shiraga artwork

Kazuo Shiraga


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The Work of Hilda Palafox

Hilda Palafox

All art by Hilda Palafox. Follow her on Instagram: @poni

Hilda Palafox wall

Hilda Palafox mural flowers

Hilda Palafox selfie

Hilda Palafox work.jpg

Hilda Palafox art mural

Hilda Palafox brush.png

Hilda Palafox mural

Hilda Palafox artwork

Hilda Palafox working

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The Generosity of Morgan Harper Nichols

Morgan Harper Nichols 1

Morgan Harper Nichols artist

Morgan Harper Nichols work

Morgan Harper Nichols writer

Morgan Harper Nichols words

Morgan Harper Nichols art

Morgan Harper Nichols quote 1

From the Instagram account of @morganharpernichols

Morgan Harper Nichols

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Christoph Niemann: Abstract Sunday

ink illustration

All artwork by @AbstractSunday, Christoph Niemann on Instagram

avocado art

beach art

abstract sunday art

bagel art

thinking art

Christoph Niemann art

Christoph Niemann

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Andy J. Miller: You Are Infinite

face the unknown.pngandy j miller pizzaworld view visiondream the futuredream worldyou are illustrationface your fearsobstacle opportunityfreak flag weirdyou can do thisandy creative peptalk

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The Artwork of Adam J Kurtz









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