The Art of Crys Yin & Natalie Wynn

skull 2020

I wrote this week’s blog post five times, completing four different posts, choosing from six different ideas! I just couldn’t decide on what I wanted to share. There is so much going on in the U.S.. Everything was competing for attention.

So I decided to combine two ideas. I want to share the art of Crys Yin. She usually paints with a colorful palette, but for the moment I’m interested in her black & white political posters. That’s what I’ll share with you today. You’ll find her image and artwork below the video.

I also love the work of Natalie Wynn. She creates Youtube videos under the name ContraPoints. She’s my safe place when I feel overwhelmed by normies. (Which is often.) I had a feeling she wouldn’t be excited about Biden, but I’m glad she voted for him. She explains it all in the video.

Speaking of voting… please say you did. And if you didn’t, click here. Vote him out. Do it as early as you can. Thanks!


1 pro choice trump

2 blm 2020

37 cents


trump lies

climate change


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5 responses to “The Art of Crys Yin & Natalie Wynn

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  2. Deb

    Yes! Thank you Aimee!

  3. Bianca

    Hi, Aimee. With so much going on and with everything on the line, It’s been difficult to find words—adequate ones—if they exists at all. So, I read in silence and when possible, heed the necessary calls to action. This year I spent time helping elderly voters see their way through misinformation. It broke my spirit to witness the confusion and frustration. The panic over the Postal Service. “It was never this hard,” some said. “Why are they lying to us?” others wondered. Even younger voters and those who had never voted but were eager to do so, were bewildered, frustrated and angry. In the end their votes were counted and the sun continued to rise and set. Every day, all day, I think about those who will not vote, either because they are disengaged or disillusioned. Those who find the process too daunting. And those who may want to vote but believe they possess neither the right nor the intelligence. Our rights are at stake. Our lives are at stake. Our planet, too, is at stake. But we are warned constantly that the race will be close. HOW? It’s a binary choice, is it not? Life or death? But millions—millions!—will choose death. Thank you, Aimee, for lighting a path. For providing maps for those who may find themselves lost. A few more days to go. Here’s hoping the outcome will allow us to breathe a little easier, sleep a little better, as there is certainly more work to be done.

    • Oh my goodness. Thank you for this excellent and uplifting update. And thank you for helping people vote! That is seriously important work. Thank you. And yes! I so agree. You said this perfectly, “But we are warned constantly that the race will be close. HOW?” My thoughts exactly! How is the average person putting tax breaks (for those making over 400,000 a year!) …how are they putting that above humanity? Above a historic pandemic, international relations, the environment, social unrest and extreme divisiveness, 500 children losing their parents, healthcare, a woman’s right to choose, and much more. The list is long! If someone is very wealthy and lives in a callused bubble, or is a poor religious fanatic and white supremacist, that might make sense. But why is the average American voting that way? :(

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