What Are Your Dreams?


Seth Globepainter artist

Seth Globepainter art

Seth Globepainter mural


Seth Globepainter paris

The artwork you see is from Seth Globepainter. You can find him here & here, but this blog post isn’t about Seth’s work. It’s about you, and me. It’s about all of us.

Right now the news is filled with all sorts of scary perspectives regarding the present and future. Let’s take a moment to review the past. The holocaust killed 11 million people, the famines in India under British rule killed over 50 million people, and the list goes on and on. There are countless lives that have been lost during terrifying, unforgettable times. Someway, somehow, humanity finds the (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) strength to live with optimism, creativity and gratitude. It’s something that comes from within — but it’s also something that needs to be practiced with diligence.

Keep your mind focused on your desired outcome. Keep it there. When it wavers, bring it back. Take it very seriously. Don’t let your mind wonder off into terrible neighborhoods or dark alleyways. You’ll be putting yourself in danger! Your thinking will get muddy, and your immune system will get weak, you’ll drain your energy and you’ll waste precious time. Not a great winning strategy for success or survival.

What are your dreams? Keep them alive. No matter what.

Viktor Frankl is a master at this topic. He lived through the holocaust and he knew the type of internal focus and strength I am speaking of. When Viktor Frankl was in a Nazi concentration camp, he was focused on a goal. He wanted to make it through alive so he could publish a manuscript. You can read his books to find out more about the power of purpose. For now, just take my word for it! Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

Here are a few videos for you. The one with Dr. Terrai is so powerful! Please take the time to watch it. I also included another video to help you get past any resistance you have regarding working on your dreams while the world is in crisis. Plus, a great video for putting stress and world news in perspective.

Sending you TONS of love. Wishing wellness and well-being for everyone.



HOW TO COPE WITH FEAR (Andy Puddicombe)


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2 responses to “What Are Your Dreams?

  1. Dwayne Shaw

    “Keep your mind focused on your desired outcome.”

    So true. I needed this today.

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