The Words of Yung Pueblo

Yung Pueblo

young pueblo writer

young pueblo quote

young pueblos instagram

young pueblo poem

young pueblo poet

young pueblo ig

See more of Yung Pueblo’s work on Instagram: @yung_pueblo


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4 responses to “The Words of Yung Pueblo

  1. Khalid

    Thank you! I needed to see this. I’ve been eating raw veggies and fruit mostly and doing yoga and it seems the more I heal, the more internal challenges are coming my way. I meditate twice a day (these past two years) but I feel like I need to do mini meditations throughout the day lately.

    • Plant foods, yoga asanas and daily meditation — it’s a very powerful combination! Those are game changers and lifesavers. (Literally, they have saved my life many times in numerous ways.) Keep up the good work! I’m so happy to hear you feeling the benefits.

      Right now I’m very deep into Vipassana meditation. When I feel that I need to do mini sessions during the day (between longer sits), I try to honor that urge. Sometimes I do mini sessions standing. If you feel the urge, go with it.

      The more I meditate, the better I feel all day. (The better I breathe too! It goes hand-in-hand.)

  2. Deb

    Really nice – thank you Aimee :o)

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