Happy Little Goats

baby goats

This account is too cute not to share. The photos are from @itsagoatslife on Instagram. I can’t get enough of these little guys!

happy goat

baby animals

 baby goat

little goat

cute animals


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4 responses to “Happy Little Goats

  1. Angela Mary

    Awww how lovely and sweet are these ? they look so happy and content..(:it certainly brought a smile to my older face too(: thank you.. for the cheerful send..and what the world needs more of these days….life will be simpler for these little goats I think..they’ve even got a smile on their faces too(:bless them..it reminds me of that really lovely song too high on a hill lived a lonely goat herd ..(:..one of my favourite songs….yes their life would be nice for me too I wouldn’t mind being them pampered and just loved..(:I wonder if they have a long life span? maybe yes if they’re happier.. they’re really getting and giving love to.. with.. one another by the looks of these pictures..
    take care thanks for the lovely share..s..Love and Light always.. warm.. hugs xx

  2. Deb

    Cuties and cute parents :o)

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