The Path is Clear – Ride the Storm

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2 responses to “The Path is Clear – Ride the Storm

  1. Angela Mary

    Yes a very wise saying/quote.. there’s always two ways/sides to look at things maybe.. at times we only see one way.. best to be they say from endings can come new may be true but at the time.. doesn’t seem so going through it..but maybe best to see more positivity..
    thank you for sharing.. take care love and light it’s not stormy over here where we live it’s quite cold and frosty though.. but the plus more positive side the sun did get out for a little while this morning to make my heart smile(:..

    • Absolutely! I agree. Staying in a state of gratitude and go-getter-ness. One can’t lose! They can ride any storm and adapt to any path. It’s powerful.

      (I had to make up the second word, but you know what I mean! :))

      Wishing you a fabulous winter season! Happy February.

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