Something Greater

something greater challenge yourself

When do you feel connected to something greater than yourself?

What makes you feel most alive? (List 3 ways it could be part of your daily routine.)

What accomplishment will you celebrate at the end of this year?

When do you feel like your best self? (List 3 ways you could feel like that everyday.)

What are 5 things you would do if you had 50 million sitting in your bank?

What is your biggest fear? (List 3 ways you could you overcome it.)

What would make next year your best year yet?

What is something you would love to change about your life? (List 3 ways you could change it as soon as possible.)

After you write all of your answers — get an accountability buddy and get busy! Make your desires a reality, and have FUN while you live your wild adventure (called life).

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One response to “Something Greater

  1. Khalid

    Thanks for this. I never sit down and write out goals or even bother to really think about what would make me happy, or make my life better.
    I actually did answer these questions tomthe best of my ability at the moment. That’s another step closer to me creating a vision of what I want. Sometimes I wonder if it’s better not to want or think about what I might want since I usually sell myself short. I have found that when Injust stay in the day that I end up getting things that I never knew would make me happy. So why not give this a whirl and see what creating
    A vision for myself might open up.

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