Invite Someone…

dangerous tea party

Invite someone dangerous to tea.


Teatime is the caffeine version of nap time.

Fling yourself into story telling and tea sipping.

Reveal your best dangerous self.

There are no rules!

Wear hats and gloves, and tell your most fabulous stories.

Invite someone you’ve always wanted to meet!

Be an adventure.

By S.A.R.K.


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6 responses to “Invite Someone…

  1. Angela Mary

    Hi there hope you are well.. a Lovely saying/quote and picture.. thank you .. I so love my cup of teas too.. couldn’t live without the song also.. tea for two by the lovely Doris Day..
    . When you have nobody you can make a cup of tea for, when nobody needs you, that’s when I think life is over. Audrey Hepburn

  2. Angela Mary
    these are interesting how I got the other quote above..Love and Light..

  3. Angela Mary

    this is lovely too my favourite song/lady sadly a long gone time/era now..
    they make a lovely couple.. great talents ..enjoy..

  4. Angela Mary

    Sorry if I over sent things.. the saying/quote just set me off about tea.. you inspired me..(:

  5. Angela Mary

    these are lovely vintage pictures/paintings by Harrison Fisher lovely hats sipping tea..
    a lovely time looks fun too..(: to do..

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