Choose the Adventure

Sara Blakely

“If you focus more on the adventure of trying, the outcome doesn’t hold so much power. Growing up my dad would encourage me to fail, to take risks, and try new things. After a perceived failure (because the only real failure is not trying), he would ask me what I got from the experience. I didn’t understand at the time why he was “forcing” me to recap failures. I eventually learned that there were always hidden blessings. Always some beautiful nugget that made my life more interesting and richer. Failure can either traumatize and immobilize us, or it can be seen as brave, daring and full of juicy nuggets that make us far more interesting than sitting on the couch. To think more like the latter takes practice and discipline, but it’s so worth it. Throughout my life, in reflection, I realized if given the choice, I would always choose the adventure over the outcome.” @sarablakely

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“Please, please, please be brave with your life! I often think about the end of my life, sitting in a rocking chair talking to my friend Christina (I’ve known since I was 3). I don’t want to be saying, “well, I wanted to try this, and that, and this, and that, but I didn’t because I was scared.” No way! #Goals be the one in the nursing home with the best stories! 👍😉 #BeBraveWithYourLife #NoRegrets”

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2 responses to “Choose the Adventure

  1. Khalid

    Thank you for this article. This is motivating and inspiring for me, as I am constantly asking myself if I should just quit pursuing my goal of training my voice technique until I can sing effortlessly, with confidence again. I don’t see how I will achieve this goal, and I’m not even sure why I want to anymore, but I feel wonderful when I sing well. I definitely don’t wanna be in that rocking chair talking about how I wish I would have at least given myself a chance focus my energy on developing the talent I have inside of me. Even if I fail, at least I won’t live my life regretting that I didn’t even try.

    • Absolutely! –> “..don’t wanna be in that rocking chair talking about how I wish I would have at least given myself a chance focus my energy on developing the talent I have inside..”

      Yes! No regrets. Just consider everything you do as experiments. Like a scientist. The knowledge they gain from trying things — is always worth their efforts. Even if an experiment explodes into a plume of smoke! It’s totally fine, totally worth it. Because they were able to see what happens, they can study and learn from it, and continue to move FORWARD with greater insights, updated ideas — and newfound enthusiasm.

      Being stagnant and fearful is a waste of time and a true loss/failure. Trying things and moving forward (pushing past fears), is never a failure or waste of efforts. It’s always a WIN. :) Always.

      So good on you. **applause** …You are doing great!

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