Can’t Get Enough

acai bowl

vegan breakfast.png


vegan meal

fat free fries

baby carrots

chia pudding

I love looking at Loni Jane‘s food pics.

Her diet is so colorful, her lifestyle is so gorgeous — plus she does her own photography and loves sharing her plant-based recipes. It’s a win win for everyone. Thanks, Loni!

All photography is by @lonijane on Instagram

watermelon f you

acai smoothie bowl

vegan sushi

vegan pizza.png

veggie soup

fresh juice

watermelon salad



vegan ice cream

avocado toast


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6 responses to “Can’t Get Enough

  1. Khalid

    thanks for sharing.

  2. Angela Mary

    oh yummy in your tummy how bright and cheerful. and.looks really appetising nice colourful pictures sadly I don’t cook as much myself I used to.. but since getting older not so much.. love the cute picture with the little child biting the oranges..(:reminds me of my favourite hymn/song all things bright and beautiful how lovely she makes them with her own fair hands too..

  3. Tam

    Hi Aimee! Thank you so much for sharing Loni Jane’s Instagram pictures–really inspiring and beautiful. Do you follow The World of the Happy Pear on Instagram (two vegan brothers/restaurant owners in Ireland)? Their pictures are just amazing, too!

    p.s. Rich Roll did a great podcast with them a few years ago.

    • Ah! Thanks so much for bringing them up. I watched a few of their Youtube videos some time ago, and thought they were great! :) Good spirited guys and fun to watch — but I haven’t seen them since. I’ll find their Instagram account! Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention.

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