My Haiku Poems

haiku poems

This year I made it a goal to email a friend daily haiku poems, that I write spontaneously each morning. I’m really enjoying it! I never have to think. The poems usually write themselves. I’ll share a few with you in this blog post. (Scroll down, they are black & white images.)

Please note: I’m writing the haiku poems in my own way, but following the traditional Japanese three-line rule, of seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count. Within those rules, I pretty much say whatever comes to mind.


good haiku

child haiku

spirit haiku

time haiku

grace haiku


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5 responses to “My Haiku Poems

  1. Bianca

    Wow, so unexpected! I really enjoyed these! Did you know Richard Wright was a haiku master?

    • Thanks! :) So glad I surprised you. I’ll try to do it more often! I think some abstract paintings might be next. ;)

      Richard Wright? Really? I had no idea. How did you find this out? I’m going to have to Google it. I’m so excited to see! –Thanks for mentioning it. Xo!

  2. Bianca

    Yes! He privately wrote poetry. In my early twenties I worked at a Barnes & Noble. My job, aside from the basic day to day tasks, was to order titles for the Poetry section, and that was how I came across his collection. I was floored.

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