Alan Watts: Incredible Nothing

Alan Watts


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4 responses to “Alan Watts: Incredible Nothing

  1. Deb

    So lovely Aimee :o)

  2. Khalid

    I don’t see what’s so great about Alan Watts. Listening to him just leads me to realize that all the thinking just seems to lead to more thinking. I never understand him except that he just keeps creating more questions that lead to more questions, or something like that. See how confused I get when I listen to him? Lol. Thanks. Keep up the good work. Your blog is a light in my life.

    • So interesting that you say that! :) I wish we lived in the same city, so we could chat about it in person. I think your comment would make for a great conversation. But it’s not necessary. Just know, when you see anything about Mr. Watts on my blog — just ignore it! Pretend he’s not there. :) He’s not on it often, just once in a while.

      Thank you! :) I’m so glad this blog is here and of use to you. That means so much to me!

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