California Question for You


A new season and a change of weather. No cold/snowy winter for me and my furry companion this year. California is our official destination and new home. I’m particularly interested in Northern California, since a few of my close friends and family live there. So I’m putting out the word for everyone — especially my Sunday Is For Lovers readers… If you know of a rental that is available, please let me know! (I’m looking for a house share or a small individual unit, like a studio or 1 bedroom. It all depends on the location and space.) Also, if you know of Northern California towns I should explore or focus my search on, I’d love to have your suggestions about that as well. It’s been 20 years since I lived in California, so I have really lost touch (and memory) of the Golden State’s cities and off-the-beaten-path landscape. I’m looking for something that feels ‘small town’, or something a little green. I don’t want to move to the heart of San Francisco, or anywhere that’s too similar to what I left in New York City. I’m not looking for nightlife, excitement and pavement. I’m looking for something a little in-between earthy laid-back energy and creative city life. But like I mentioned before, it all depends on the location, arrangement and space. Please let me know if you know of anything, or have any helpful tips for me. I’m grateful to hear/read whatever feedback you might have.

You can email at: aimee [!at]
There is also a link to my email information on my contact page.

Lots of love, thanks and happy Sundays…Life is an adventure! Xx.

*The forest bear artwork is from The Wild Forest Journal.*


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6 responses to “California Question for You

  1. Good Luck dear Aimee! XOX

  2. Debora A Newman

    Believing for the best and Lots of Love for you and P.

  3. Amador County, Placer County, outer Sacto might be best bets.Even San Joaquin county is pretty pricey right now. Stay away from Antioch/Baypoint east Contra Costa – crime’s off the charts. California is just no longer affordable for a single person. Studios range from $1200 and up in the lesser parts of the bay area. They’re assuming at least two incomes. I’ll keep my eye out for you though!

    • Wow. Thank you so much! I really appreciate how detailed and generous your feedback is. It’s so helpful! :) Thank you. It will be a great help on my search. I’m going to look into the counties you suggested. Thanks again! :)

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