2 More Hours…

2 hour drive

My sister just emailed me, she said she would be here in 2 hours and 50 minutes. We are going to spend the weekend together. Yay!

She loves the Oregon coast, so that’s where we’ll be. I could say we’ll be there hanging out, just killing time or spending time… but ‘just being’ is a better way to say it. It’s amazing how rare ‘just being’ is in this culture. Everything seems to be a means to an end, some sort of goal or fixed route, some sort of plan to get from here to there. I’ve noticed that meditation is beginning to become mainstream. It’s becoming like yoga at gyms; something people are talking about and interested in. A bit faddish or trendy. People want to use it as a way to relive stress and improve their sense of well being — which is a great thing! In my opinion, meditation is a practice of surrender, a practice of being simple and simply being. Sure, you can get a teacher for this, or a group or course for this. But let’s not forget: we are this. We are human BEINGS. Isn’t it what we should do best? Isn’t it what we should be experts on? Isn’t it what we should have the most experience in? Isn’t it what we should feel most confident about or familiar with? But so many of us feel and act as if we don’t even know what the word means. Ask someone to sit and do nothing and watch them squirm. Ask someone to simply be and they will look for the sky to drop. It almost feels naughty to enjoy being yourself, with no need for approval, no agenda.

As I write this blog post I’m listening to a Sia instrumental. It’s the instrumental of Bird Set Free. I’m listening to the music only, with no lyrics. But there is a section of the lyrics that I know and like. I’ll write it below. I just don’t like listening to singing/words as I write, so I usually favor instrumentals.

Today’s blog post is a spontaneous rambling as I wait for my sister. I know we’ll have fun this weekend. I wish fun for you too, in whatever you decide to do. However you decide to spend your time, kill your time, or simply be.

“I don’t care if I sing off key,
I find myself in my melodies,
I sing for love, I sing for me,
I shout it out like a bird set free.”


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