Where do you think you are going?

where are you going

I’m getting ready for a little nature drive to the snow cap mountains, and I have to pack a few things for the trip. At the same time, I’m thinking about my life’s direction and what I truly want in this lifetime. It feels like so much to think about! But in actuality, it’s not. I’m overthinking it (and I’m probably overpacking too.) Life is very-very simple. We are either grease on life’s wheels (fully living, loving and experiencing, zipping along, having a blast on this wild journey) or we are dragging along, hanging on for dear life (because we are holding on too tightly, desperately trying to control, interfering and slowing things down to a crawl, making things more challenging, turning stepping stones into stumbling blocks.) I think it’s always best to let go — yet, at the same time, listen closely and remain aware. Remain ready for all hands on deck, but fully relax; let go, use the wind and trust the waters, allow life to move you.

Today is going to be a blast from the past and a trip into the future. Play along with me. First, I would like you to read an old blog post of mine, the title is Overpacked? Where do you think you are going? I wrote it in 2012. The second thing I would like you to do is answer the questions I wrote below. I will answer them too! Maybe for my next blog post we can all share what we came up with. Ah-ha’s, insights and epiphanies (and awareness in general) is always my favorite thing to talk (and write) about. So if you see anything about yourself or your life, that jumps out at you as you answer the questions — let me know! You can always comment below or write to me directly.

After you are done reading the 2012 blog post I linked above (about being overpacked), complete the following questions…

What are the most significant moments of your life? What experiences in your life were major, that felt like turning points? What would you consider the memorable ‘war stories’ from your life? What were the take-home lessons, or the moments that gave you courage and lifted/ignited your spirit? What are you most proud of? What experiences or events do you like to share with others most often? What stories do you find yourself telling over and over again (or thinking of through the years)? What memories are hard to shake-off, because they had such a lasting impact on you?

What is life (your life) trying to tell you? What is the common thread? If there was a hero in the story (in your life story), what is their journey all about? What would you like to see them achieve? What would you want them to see/realize? What would you have them do next? What would you want most for them? What have you learned from what they have been through? What inspires you most about them?

You are the hero in your story. Your life has unfolded in an unpredictable way. Could you have ever been fully prepared or well planned for it? Would it have turned out the same if you were? Your life is unique. Listen to what your life is telling you. Stop trying to figure things out and simply listen. Be simple. Surrender. Stop fighting, stop trying to control it. Listen to what your journey has to say. Listen to what it is requesting of you. Listen and focus on what is most important, most important then and now.

See that you need very little in life, but what life asks of you is very big. It wants you to be simple. It wants you to surrender by getting out of your own way. It wants you to follow what moves you.

Ask yourself and truly let go and listen: What moves me the most? When do I feel moved? If I lived a life that truly moved me, what would I be doing, who would be in it, how would it look, and what do I need to do in order for it to be possible?



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2 responses to “Where do you think you are going?

  1. 3 Month Adventure

    Nowhere to run nowhere to hide. LOL. For some reason I felt like saying that when I read your post. I’m just being silly. (smile😀)

    • I wish! :) It would be so much fun to tell people… “if you need me, I’ll be in the mountains.” or, “the mountains are calling, I must go.” Mountains are always good for running away!

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