A Love Supreme

a love supreme - valentines day

Today is Valentine’s Day. I am reminded of love. Not the kind of love pushed down our throats or incentivized by Hallmark, but the love that comes from authentic connection and self-expression; the kind that comes from vulnerability and humility; the kind that feels playful and never-ending. It reminds me of John Coltrane’s, A Love Supreme. I had that album in the early 90s. Back when we had albums! Vinyl records and record players. Jazz (and opera) never sounded so good, especially in big open loft spaces (the kind you find in Northern California.) My life is better now than it was back then, but I remember how good the music was. And the key players that were in my life back then are still in it now. Many of them are still my best friends. I met them before leaving for New York. I met them before I got rid of my jazz records. Life is full of changes. Changes are part of life. But nothing, nothing is a bigger part of life than love. I don’t care what you have or what you go through or what you see or what you do — life is about love. The kind of love you get from family & friends, the love you get for doing good work or being yourself, the kind of love you receive for simply existing on the planet.

The next time you feel the warm sun shining on your face, or a cool breeze teasing you as it rhythmically blows by — feel how loved you are.

Know how loved you are.

You are love.

You are loved and love itself.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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5 responses to “A Love Supreme

  1. I just finished a meditation and low and behold, I see your article on my phone. I am feeling relaxed and in love with THIS (being here right now). Just feeling love. A song I wrote at age ten called “Love” popped in my head as I read your article. I didn’t know what it meant and I still don’t really, but a lot of adult drug addicts and homeless people used to ask me to sing it. Ten years later when i came back to my home town some of those same people still remembered that song and would ask me to sing it again. I never understood why. Was it the words? My voice? My passion when I sang it? I cant believe i remember the lyrics just now. So I’m writing them below:
    Love is my sweet girl so pretty and nice
    Chilling my burning heart with her loving ice
    Always around whenever I call her name
    I dont have to worry bout my love playing games on me. Oh oh oh ho
    Love can be the cloudy days rainy or sunshine
    Love can be a lemon or whatever you have in mind
    Love is something inside every man woman and child
    That is the thing that makes the human life worthwhile
    Love is a part of the freedom that we are fighting for
    Once we’ve had a taste of it we’ll be wanting more and more
    Love is the best part of life
    Without it there would be no life
    Celebrate love thats what we are made of
    Everybody clap your hands and sing

    • Wow, thank you for sharing that! It’s the perfect accompaniment to this blog post and day. The same sentiments for sure! (It’s only missing its sound, but imagination can imagine it.) Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  3. 3 Month Adventure

    Wait a minute, ‘whatchuknowabout’ John Coltrane… let me find out. I don’t listen to music too much these days, but Love Supreme was one of my favorites tracks back in the early 90s. I used replay 6:05 – 6:41 for hours.

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