Keeping My Promise

keeping my promise

First, I want to start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am wishing you the most unbelievably magnificent year — beyond your wildest hopes and dreams! Sending you cosmic hugs and rainbow-like cheer. I’m planning on us spending much of the year together (via Sunday Is For Lovers.) Let’s make it our best year yet!

Second, I want to say… that I kept my promise. I said I would make you videos, and here they are. Please know that this is only the beginning — and they are nothing fancy! I have no idea how to make videos. I’ve been looking into using iMovie on my laptop, and I am absolutely clueless. The afternoon was spent trying to edit four videos clips I shot today, working to splice them into one vlog. No luck at all. I couldn’t figure out how to make them all one video file. So instead of waiting around and spending more time learning, I just decided to share two of the video clips (instead of four) and label them Part 1 & 2. Please know that these humble videos are the first of many to come. Another thing to keep in mind, is that the will improve over time — but it will take time! I have a lot of work in store for me this year, so please be patient with me. I need better equipment and a basic knowledge of video editing and platforms (right now I am starting with Vimeo, but might switch to Youtube.) Regardless of what I lack and all that I have to do, I’m still moving forward, still keeping my promise.

If you have any suggestions for me, about videos you would like to see me make, or suggestions on how I can learn video making quickly, or people that might want to work with me on video projects — please email me via my contact page. I would love to hear from you, and I am open to any and all suggestions.

Without further adieu… VIDEOS!

One of Many – Part 1 of 2 from AimeeLovesYou on Vimeo.

One of Many – Part 2 of 2 from AimeeLovesYou on Vimeo.

Links to Danielle’s book and Sunday Is For Lovers blog post themes mentioned in the videos:

Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions

Best Friend Emergency

On Your best Day

Fine-Tuning My Life (Making sure it rocks!)

FOCUS on what you love: it’s important.

Everyday Is Amazing



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9 responses to “Keeping My Promise

  1. Pingback: 2016 Vlogs – Day 61 & 62 of 92 | AIMEELOVESYOU (the rainbow farmer)

  2. 3 Month Adventure

    I’m going to do the “It’s a good day when…” activity. The green drink looks delicious🙂.

    • Oh, good. Let me know how “It’s a good day when…” goes for you. I’d love to hear about it.

      Ah, thanks! I always like coming up with interesting drinks. I’m often drinking something new. (Usually an odd combination of ingredients, that I have fun exploring for certain amount of time.) It keeps staying hydrated interesting. :)

  3. Deb

    Great video blog Aimee :o)

  4. Hey Aimee! We(me and my girls) are really late in looking at your recnet blogs but we were so inspired by the post you shared about your puppydog and the other rescue videos and so glad to see you spreading your light through videos as well! Thanks for your honesty and openness. Also glad you shared Danielle Laporte’s link, I am doing the desire map and firestarter series right now! <3

    • Happy New Year! It’s so great to connect with you. Thanks for ‘coming to visit’ and thanks for the positive feedback.
      Yes! Isn’t that series great? I’m so glad I finally looked into it, and I’m glad you are doing it too!
      Sending you and the girls tons of love and heaps of prosperity for 2016! May it be a blast from start to finish! :) Xx!

  5. khalid

    Oh Aimee I am feeling this girl. You must keep doing video blogsl. You look soooo beautiful. Absolutely flawless. I have always wanted to share you with the world because you changed my life when I was around you daily. Everything you ever suggested to me, I.e. Maca powder really helped me. I just spent time with someone I didn’t want to hang with because I couldn’t find an excuse to say no, but after I got home, I wanted to change my focus, and I looked you up hoping that you had some videos. I want to know what you eat, why you eat it, what types of things you are doing, and have done to get to where your are spiritually. You are absolutely glowing! You have been on this path for a while now and it brings me great joy, to see you looking more beautiful and radiant than ever. Make more videos!

    • THANK YOU so much for this comment! :)
      Oh my goodness, so sorry for the reply delay. I was visiting with my sister and went on a little trip. The last two weeks have been jam packed.

      Your words are so encouraging and super-helpful. I really need to get the video ball rolling — but it’s so hard! I’m really not a ‘in front of the camera’ person, so it takes a lot of cow prodding to get me to do it! When I’m in the middle of it, it feels quite natural. It’s just getting me in front of the camera that takes work. Ugh. But I need to! I know that so many people resonate with videos and photos much more than words. I really need to do it and make it an ongoing practice. And I will! Every time someone nudges or encourages me, I am a step closer!

      More videos are on the way. I promise! :) Videos, videos, videos…. I must, I must…

      Thanks again for the love & nudge! Sending much love back to you!

      Love, gratitude & high-fives!

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