Possibility of Relationship by Werner Erhard

Werner Erhard - Possibility of Relationship

There is so much I want to say about the video that I am posting today — but I can’t. I am flying out the door to meet my sister for a camping trip. I’m excited to see her, and I’m also exited to be in nature. Where I live is natural and quiet, but I often like to go deep. I love cool breezes and silent surroundings, and if I can get it on a deeper level, I will go for it.

Back to the video. Don’t let the soft sounding title fool you. The Possibility of Relationship doesn’t have much hook or bait. But I will tell you, if there is EVER a video to watch (rather, listen to) that can change and transform any relationship (even the one to yourself), this is the video to do it. I can’t get enough of it — and it’s over 3 hours long! Each time I view it, I get something new. I hear something I haven’t heard before. I hear it as a piece to the puzzle or an ‘ah-ha’ — I hear it intimately and profoundly.

In the near future I will write a blog post dissecting the video a bit. But for now, acquaint yourself with it. Allow it to marinate for while. The longer the video plays, the more interesting and intriguing it gets.


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