Rich Roll & Joe Rogan Dish It Out


This week I am sharing two videos of Rich Roll on The Joe Rogan Experience. Brace yourself, Joe curses a lot, and he doesn’t hold back or censor anything he might be thinking. You might find some of his comments offensive. Also, the conversations between Rich & Joe are long (casual and natural, unedited), so they might be best played while you are doing other things (like making a meal or driving in a car).

Rich Roll is a best-selling author, and a 47 year old highly accomplished ultra-endurance athlete. Men’s Fitness magazine labeled him one of fittest men in the world. His life story is inspirational and impressive. You can read about his journey in his book, Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself.

Like Joe Rogan, Rich Roll has his own podcast show, you can find it on iTunes via this link.



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3 responses to “Rich Roll & Joe Rogan Dish It Out

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  2. Am going to listen more to it another time while working on something; it’s a long interview but I think this will be interesting, thanks for sharing. I don’t mind the swearing at all. Btw I cancelled my tv too, just have Netflix (maybe cancel it also for a while or for good) but like he says, you get used to it – and I always think how fortunate we are that great artists didn’t have that distraction (tv) back then. It’s bed time here, so good night or evening for you :) xxx

    • Hi Sita! :)
      Me too. No TV for me either! No newspapers as well. I try to stay out of mainstream media as much as possible. My life is so much better without it. I even stopped listening to the radio years ago, even to NPR, which is usually very informative and considered ‘alternative’ news. I think I’m like you, I just pick & choose what I like from the internet. It’s easy to turn it off & on, and to weed things out. I can easily find what works best for me, and I usually stick to that.
      Sleep well! I’m sending lots of love & good cheer to the Netherlands for you! :) Xx!

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