Wim Hof: Happiness & Strength, Beyond Thinking, Beyond Belief

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You might have heard of Wim Hof (aka The Iceman), he’s becoming quite popular these days. Everyone seems impressed and inspired by his physical capabilities. He has been able to astonish scientists, and as a result, they are rewriting and correcting what they previously thought was humanly possible.

Below are a few videos of Wim. You can see what he can do and hear what his overall message is. Keep in mind how it all started. Few people bring this up when they speak of him, or to him, or when they feel inspired to duplicate his super-powerful capabilities. Wim’s wife and mother of his children, went insane and killed herself. When you love someone so deeply, and your world is torn apart, and you can’t help the one you love or change a heartbreaking situation — there is only one way to go if you want peace — you stop fighting what is. You enter a deep, very deep, place of surrender and stillness. When this state is embodied — (please know that I am choosing words that don’t quite fit or describe accurately what I am saying, because it is literally indescribable) — you become space itself, you become spacious or spaciousness. And since nature abhors a vacuum, it immediately fills the space — it fills you. You become more insightful, more powerful, more introspective, more all encompassing — you become more you. You begin to synchronize with your natural environment.

In his stillness, Wim Hof intuitively was drawn to cold waters after the suicide of his wife. It was this deep listening and complete openness that changed and empowered his life, and as a result, the lives of thousands around the world.

“I tried to go into the depth of myself and look for answers. I found it in cold water. It brought me back, because cold water really is merciless, but it is righteous. And it brought me into absolutely certainty within myself, within my thoughts […] it united all of the mechanisms within myself. Making me, for example, able to stay in freezing temperatures, all night long, just sitting.”

There is a man in India named Rajmohan Nair, that can hold/process over 500W of electricity. For most people this would be lethal, but Rajmohan Nair can safely process and allow this energy to run through his body. Rajmohan Nair’s mother tragically died when he was a young boy. He was so distraught by his mother’s death, that he tried to commit suicide by electrocuting himself on a transformer tower. At that moment of deep surrender, his body was able to hold the electricity/energy sent through his body by the tower. It did not kill him. He lived on, and through his adulthood he continued to experiment and work with the ability to hold this energy.

Like Rajmohan, Wim also has a past of deep loss and suffering, that shifted into a surrender to nature and to life itself — as well as a harnessing of this natural power. A power that was previously unseen and unfelt by Rajmohan and Wim. A power that they couldn’t previously imagine holding, let alone have the ability to manipulate. A power that seems unbelievable to others, until they see it or experience it for themselves.

Wim’s mission now is to be a lighthouse, a beacon of awareness. He encourages people to go beyond their fears, to go beyond rules (set by schools, systems and hierarchy), and to go deeper within.

“And what do we have in this world? A whole lot of disease, and a whole lot of powerlessness against disease, against depression, and all that. And why? We lost track of what nature is; within us and within interaction. So in the future we have to take away all of these boarders, and this way of thinking, and this [addiction to] too much comfort, and thinking that we are able to control Nature. […] I am trying to astound, every time, showing that the power within every human body, every person in the world, is able to do a whole lot more to become happy by his or her own control. […] I think it’s time. For a world that is able to make such beautiful technology, like iPhones and all that, to learn to guarantee happiness, strength and health [for ourselves]. “

Watch Wim’s videos, he’s very inspiring and motivating. You can see that he holds a lot of energy in his body (it bubbles and rises to the top and various times). But after watching the videos, go into your own stillness. See where you might be too plugged into a system that is not serving you, nor truly nourishing you. See if you can unplug from that matrix and plug into your own effortless power. It often means stopping the noise, stopping the busyness and taking the time to truly be with yourself.

This is why meditation is a powerful practice for people. But it goes beyond that. It’s about being breathed, it’s about letting go while being held. Even Wim says that his breath, and working with his breath, is what allows him to do what he does. The breath is an immediate gateway into your own nature. It’s really very simple. Your breathing is linked to everything, be present to it. Be present to being breathed. Notice what happens during various breathing rhythms and patterns. Just quiet down, settle, and notice. Just notice. This is the way into your own nature — your connection to, and wholeness with, Nature. The rest will stem naturally from there. Start there, return there, and continue to be aware.


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