Just Made It :)


I made it to Oregon! I just arrived. It was a super-packed week (exhausting), and the move got off to a late start (a very late start), but I did it. I moved to Oregon. I’m officially here. And officially too tired to write a post, but I will return with a new blog post next week. So stay tuned! :)



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7 responses to “Just Made It :)

  1. Debbie

    Congratulations Aimee and Penny <3 Get some rest.

  2. Windlord

    A lovely little town, now made all the more so by your presence. Enjoy! Here’s some fun stuff for you to explore once you get settled :) http://www.mercurynews.com/ci_5978135

  3. Khalid

    Congratulations. Oregon is lucky to have you.

  4. Hi dear Aimee! :) I send you this post because I really like your blog!
    Please accept this nomination, go to the site below for details.

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