Getting Honest & Being Authentic

unprotected presence honest authentic

This week (with the support of an awesome friend) I tried a 100% honest day. Which meant, if someone said, “Hey, can we talk later tonight? I’ll call you at 7PM, Okay?” My reply would be, “No, sorry. Weekends are actually better for me, I have unlimited mobile minutes. Can we talk then?” Another example is, “Would you like to come to dinner? A group of us are going out.” My reply would be, “I’m more of a one-on-one person. I tend to enjoy intimate get-togethers much more. But have fun — and thanks for the invitation!”

After the 100% honest day was over. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! It was really no big deal. I’m making a mountain out of a molehill. I think people prefer honesty. And they wouldn’t (especially friends) want me to do anything that I really wasn’t keen on.

I’m excited to keep the honest & authentic train rolling. :) It will be a nice experiment for me at first, and a lasting habit in the long run. I will be so much better for it, the world will be too.

Here are a few videos (below) to inspire you, and me, to be more honest.

Oh! And one more thing. This is the best definition of what it means to be authentic. By far, the best definition I’ve ever heard/read: Being authentic means showing up as unprotected presence. (Quote by Roxanne Hai)



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4 responses to “Getting Honest & Being Authentic

  1. If someone asks me how I’m doing, I still always think that they really want to know – often they don’t and over time I’ve learned to adapt, but still try to be honest in my answering.
    Saying ‘no’ became a regular thing for me since my energy levels were affected by my health problems. Before that I hardly could.
    During my drawing session this morning I got an invitation for an exhibit opening this afternoon and I said that I’ll definitely will visit the exhibition, but was not sure if I would come to the opening (with concert, press etc., probably small talk…). But once I got home I pushed myself to go, take the challenge to be among people more often – after living like a hermit for a long time. And it was a good decision, I had a great time, it was very inspiring too. No small talk, only good vibes. Maybe I’m lucky to have good friends and acquaintances.
    In my life I also had friends who tend to make things up or lie to me. I guess I am/was an easy target, naive. When you find out that they’re not honest, first you’re shocked, then you get annoyed with it and then you better decide that it’s THEIR problem. Some of them I withdrew from, but I still have a friend who seems to like lying now and then, but overall she’s a good person; I kind of accepted her flaw. Someone once said to me: don’t let things get to your heart so much. I don’t anymore; when you know who you are and don’t let your happiness depend on others, things get a lot easier. It takes time though.
    Maybe I went off the subject a bit? But in the end it’s about pleasing to be loved, isn’t it?
    I suddenly remember the words of a Jyotish astrologer, he said to me: don’t respect ignorance. I had to think about that for some time. I think it is appropriate here.

    Thanks for your post dear Aimee! <3

    • Absolutely, Sita. I agree. It’s definitely the need to please and be loved. I too avoid get-togethers and parties. I don’t like all the eating and drinking and small-talk. I think it’s centered around the need to please and feel loved, to be noticed and acknowledged. But instead of getting to the point, people do it through the senses and speaking in a roundabout way.

      And it was my pleasure to write the blog post! Thanks for the ‘thanks’. I’m so happy you enjoyed it. :)

  2. Well being “radically honest” the first video pissed me off so much I’ll have to take a breather before I view the others. What a stupid phoney couple!

    • Oh wow, Roger. I didn’t think it would get such a response. Interesting! :)
      Please see if you can watch the other videos. They are completely different from the first.

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