Draw My Life

draw my life

No, no, this is not a blog post about my life, nor will I be drawing anything. And it may appear to be another blog post about my love for Youtube — but it’s not that either. It’s a blog post about humanity. What it means to be human, and the common thread that we share.

I selected a handful of videos from Youtube. They are all part of the ‘Draw My Life‘ series (one of the many themes that Youtubers create and tag their videos with). Everyone’s stories and backgrounds are different, but they all had struggles. They also had unexpected twists and turns in their lives, that only the Universe could have planned or predicted. Often their worst experiences are what paved the way for their transformations, leading up to their best experiences. And the one thing that they all share, is their need for connection; their need to matter; their need to be seen and heard; their need to love and feel loved.

When you think of your life, what is your story? How did your suffering and challenging moments bring about a transformation and happier times? How has your life taken unexpected twists and turns? What is most important for you now? Is it making a difference in the lives of others? Is it being seen and heard? Is it feeling loved? Is it connection? Whatever it is, know that you are not alone.

Mr. Kate

Casey Neistat

Jenna Marbles

Julien Solomita

Ann Reardon



Hyunwoo Sun

Shanna Malcolm

Gigi Gorgeous

Page Kennedy



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