Xiuhtezcatl Martinez’ Wake Up Call

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

So many of us are asleep. We work, we set our goals, we entertain ourselves, and for the most part, our lives revolve around money. We love to make it and love to spend it. But little thought goes to how that money is made and what it fuels. Little thought goes to the game we are all sold, the game we seem to be addicted to. Our homes and our lives are filled with stuff, yet most of us are dreaming of a more fulfilling life. There are two things most people say: I’m always running out of time, and I would like to be making more money. There is nothing wrong with needing more time or desiring more money, but I think the scarcity of time & money stems from where we are placing our priorities. We are prioritizing things that suck up time & money like a vacuum. It’s no wonder we never seem to have enough.

There is a person I discovered today that seems to have his priorities in order. He is a compelling person that draws people in. His name is Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. (First name pronounced ‘Shu-TEZ-caht’, and his full last name is Roske-Martinez). Xiuhtezcatl is currently 14 years old and lives in Boulder, Colorado with his father (Siri Martinez, activist of Aztec decent), mother (Tamara Roske, also an activist), younger brother (Itzcuauhtli, 11 year old activist) and little sister (Tonantzin, 5 year old activist). I am impressed with the leadership in this family, and it shows in Xiuhtezcatl (as well as the younger children). You can see that consistent parenting and standing by one’s ideals have paid off. Without ever meeting his parents, I am proud of them.

I am going to share a few of Xiuhtezcatl’s videos with you. The first video is of him at 6 years of age, and the other videos are of various ages. In the last eight years he has come a long way, yet he has stayed true.

Before I share the videos, I want to thank him and his family: May we all be the light for others that Xiuhtezcatl is for us. May we help him and share his message. May we look at ourselves and ask what we can do to take responsibility. May we do what it takes to make a difference and inspire others.

Big thanks to the whole Roske-Martinez family! Thank you!


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