On Your Best Day

your best day

I’ll be turning 40 in less than 6 weeks. I’m excited to enter a new year (2015!) and a new decade (my 40s!). For some reason, I’m excited to turn 40. Eager to see how my life unfolds from that point forward.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what works for me and what doesn’t, and the gift that growing older gives. As I think about entering a new phase of my life, I know how I want my life to feel. Goals and excessive planning have little interest for me. In my opinion, people set goals for desired feelings in the future, that are completely possible in the present. I don’t believe in setting goals, I believe in setting up an environment to foster feelings.

This month, I decided to get a head start on the new year and create a daily practice that I will work to maintain throughout the year. The purpose of this practice is to create the ideal day, that fosters ideal feelings, that evolves into an amazing year, and adds up to a extraordinary life.

I have a few things on my list that are always keys to feeling my best. I haven’t designed my perfect day yet, so I’ll just share with you a few of the things that I am planning on incorporating into my daily mix & plan.

These are in no special order, I’m listing them randomly.

  • Waking up early, when the morning is silent & fresh.
  • Drinking plenty of water, 1 – 2 liters during the day.
  • Exercising & deep breathing first thing in the morning.
  • Having liquid meals, especially green smoothies & juices.
  • Meditative & reflective moments, time taken for stillness in action.
  • Being creative & self-expressed in all that I do.
  • Eating a nourishing whole-food homemade vegan meal.
  • Taking care of what is most important, living my priorities.
  • Sharing my work and myself with others openly.
  • Maintaining a neat, minimal & organized home environment.
  • Getting fresh air in my lungs & warm sunrays on my face.
  • Being honest with myself & others, living my truth.

When that list is a part of my day, I have a great day! I feel great, I have great energy, and I go to bed reflecting on a day well spent — eager to do it all again the next day.

In the next few days, I am going to design a daily practice, a step-by-step routine, that I will follow for 2015. It doesn’t matter to me that each day goes as written. What does matter to me is that I am living my values and setting standards for myself. I want a great life, and it all starts with a great day — over & over, becoming better & better, getting sweeter with time.

What are you like on your best days? What are you doing? What does it feel like? What usually starts it or sparks it? Is there a way that you can make it a daily habit or practice? What would a dedicated year of those activities & feelings give you? How would it change you? Would it be the best year of your life?


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12 responses to “On Your Best Day

  1. Congrats on approaching 40. FORTY ROCKS! 40-46 was just awesome for me. Things (body-wise) weren’t quite starting to migrate southbound – I felt incredibly free at 40 – so much societal expectation (in my own mind) just fell away and I was able to be more “me.” At 40 you can finally let go – enjoy it!!
    Unfortunately, I still have a “straight job” – but my perfect day usually includes sitting in sunshine over a salad in view of trees and hills, spending time with people I care about (I’m high social), and creating something/anything with my hands, and embracing my gratitudes at the end of the day. Routine is something I struggle with, as well as organization at home – however, I’m learning to “surf” it and prioritize without guilt or shame. Life is good. :-)

    • Thanks so much for your comment! :) I love how clear you were, particularly in this sentence–> “my perfect day usually includes sitting in sunshine over a salad in view of trees and hills, spending time with people I care about…and creating something/anything with my hands…and embracing my gratitudes at the end of the day”. I can picture your day, it’s beautiful. No matter what your current job, or things that come your way, your perfect day can be a part of it. Sunshine, salads, nature, people, creativity, gratitude — it really is a gorgeous mix! The perfect compliment to any day. Very inviting & inspiring! Thanks for sharing.
      Keep me posted on how 2015 unfolds for you. :) I want to hear more about these salads, creative projects and fun social moments. We can motivate each other to stay on track with what lights us up and keeps us lit!

      • Thank you so much Aimee. Your support is on today’s list of gratitudes. It will, be nice to surf 2015 with you and others here. :-) more salads and moments with good people, and sunshine.

  2. sitarabeling

    Nice to see this list written out! Have been working on all these things for the last few years ;) After doing hatha yoga for a few years (our thread on 30BaD was really inspiring and helpful to keep working out regularly), in January 2013 I started with Ashtanga yoga daily, early in the morning and – to sum up, I do everything what you mention on your list except sharing my work (yet) and am still working on the home environment. As you know I’m healing from a chronic disease and the days that I feel healthy are becoming more and more. This year I turned 60! and I feel better than in my 40’s – but I didn’t follow that list back then :-D
    Love you Aimee, I’m sure the next decade(s) will keep getting better!
    Best wishes for all aspects of your life and thank you for sharing your journey! <3

    • Hi Sita!

      I know, it really takes some years. I’m not sure if you remember a similar blog post I wrote about it a few years ago, I am revisiting the idea. I now see the importance & value of it.

      You were sharing your work & self with me and the others on 30BaD. I remember seeing your home and artwork. It was wonderful! Have you ever considered a blog? I’m sure so many people would be inspired by your artwork, yoga practice & life. This way, you can keep sharing your smaller projects & lifestyle, until the big projects are ready. This might create an audience for your big projects as well. They might want to own & support your work! :) It’s all ideas. If you do decide to do something like that, have it in two languages (or more)! You are fortunate that you can do that. Lucky you. ;)

      I’m so glad that you are doing well, and I’m so very grateful that we are still connected! It’s been quite a few years.

      Keep me posted on how things are coming along for you. I am going to do that as well, but I will do it through another blog (The Rainbow Farmer). I think when the new year begins, I’ll have my writing & updates schedule, and I’ll make it a consistent habit to update everyone on what I am up to, and this will help to keep me accountable for my practice. I will still have my Sunday updates on this blog as well, the other blog will be more day-to-day, quick updates that are simple & brief.

      I love you too! Very much. :) Wishing you wonderful holidays coming up! :) Have fun with the family!

      • sitarabeling

        Yes! I’m considering a blog for some time now, thank you for being so supportive of this :)
        So many ideas and the ‘paper’ is so white, it’s a bit scary :D
        I admire your energy, clear mind and being so creative and also very consistent in posting here.
        I’m looking forward to your Rainbow Farmer blog!
        Will email you more this evening.
        Big Hug :) XOX

  3. This is great Aimee! I love the questions you asked. For me waking up before the sun rises and getting yoga, dance and writing in definitely give me the best days. Once I get that done, eating a fabulous fruity breakfast is so easy and satisfying and the rest of the day flows well from there. I’ve gotten out of this practice this year…30 was a huge year for me, so many changes, but I’m happy to get into 2015 and find balance after integrating all I’ve learned this year. I have many of the goals you have as well and I’ll be sure to come check on what you’re up to, I find your blogs to be so inspiring. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time being 40!

    • Hello! :) Good to see you!

      Yes, yes, yes! So true. A day wouldn’t be as fabulous or complete without a little dancing! A little dancing, yoga & writing in each day is divine!

      Isn’t it great? I’m so glad we can reflect on years of experimenting & finding out what works for us. It’s so very helpful.

      Lots of love to you & the family! Big squeeze for you & the little ones. ;)

      2015 here we come….. I’m so glad I can share it with you! :)

  4. Wow.. you are close to turning 40?! I just did last week, both my husband and I turned 40 (about a month a part) and I’m loving it! We went on a trip to celebrate because we felt there are lots to be grateful for and celebrate!! I was so excited coz it’s symbolic in so many ways. All the blessings and challenges in my entire life, I celebrate today and I have come a long way!! :)

    So excited for you! They say, life begins at 40 and it surely does and lots more!!! :) Love to you and I can’t wait to collab with you in 2015!!! The possibilities are endless!!! :)

    • Yay! :) That is so great Elizabeth! Wow, we have so much in common. I’m so glad we connected this year.

      2015 is chock-full of possibility — I can’t wait! We’ll have to re-connect and work on something. I look forward to it! ;)

      Happy holidays! Sending you & your husband tons of love & cheer. :) Big hug!

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