The Greatest Head Massage – The Nomad Barber Gets Blown Away

the nomad barber

My younger brother emailed this video to me. He said he thought of me when he saw it. I’m sure he had flashbacks of my 4 month trip to India in 2001. I know I did when I was watching the video. India is a place that is not easy to shake from one’s memory or system. Out of all the places I have traveled to, India made the biggest impression on me. It traumatized me in some ways, yet left me wanting more. It was an interesting trip of pain and pleasure. I remember telling someone that I felt as if I saw God and the Devil, and realized that he was one in the same. India made me feel so intimately close to death and the impermanence of life, and at the same time, brought me so close to the immortal Spirit, and the knowing that everything is sacred — everything is The Beloved.

The video embedded is from a youtube channel called The Nomad Barber. I’m so jealous of him! I would have loved to receive the head massage he got after a shave in Rajasthan, India.

1 Barber, 1 Cameraman, 5 Continents, 12 months. The Nomad Barber is a web-series following how barber culture changes across the world; filming haircuts, shaves and head massages.


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