What’s Up with Aimee?


airstream argosy

It seems like I rarely write blog posts with details about what I’m up to. I’ve been so busy over the last few months (years) that most of the blog posts are about social/political issues, emotions & thoughts, and the more-than-occasional re-post of older blog posts. But today I will share what is happening with me currently, and what I plan on doing next.

I’m wrapping-up my life in New York City — literally & figuratively. After almost 20 years of living in NYC, I’m moving on to a new life in a new place. I’m heading down south to the Asheville area, North Carolina. If you know anyone there, please let me know! I’d love to meet them. I’m literally starting from scratch there. Not knowing anyone, or even the area for that matter. Which is a daunting feeling, because I know NYC so well, and have so many friends here. It’s been so long, too long, since I started anew and pulled up my roots. It feels overwhelming to say the least.

mini black chihuahuaAnother new & surprising update in my life, is a little dog named Apple-Bea. She’s a tiny chihuahua that was rescued and needed to be adopted. Apple-Bea is her original name, but I don’t know how old she is, or any other information (e.g., why most of her teeth are missing, why she never barks, etc.) All I know is she is cute as a button, and I love her so much! I nicknamed her Pinch-Pot (click here for meaning). Don’t ask me why. She’s just so adorable, it makes me want to pinch her little doggie cheeks! (Especially when she smiles.)

The plan is to stay in NYC until the end of June. Then leave town and live in a 1970’s Argosy for a while. Do you know what that is? It’s an older Airstream model, a space-age looking RV. I’ll be on the off-grid land I mentioned getting in a previous blog post (back in 2012). The land is 5 acres in the forest. It’s a little scary. It’s the real deal; snakes, bears, trees galore, more pesky bugs than you can imagine — nature being nature, the wild being wild. I’ll be there in the Argosy, slowly plotting and planning the new life I’ll build with my beloved companions. I won’t be alone!

Asheville_NCIf you want to stay updated on what Apple-Bea (aka Pinch-Pot) and I are up to, you can always find us/me posting regularly on The Rainbow Farmer blog, my AimeeLovesYouXo Facebook page, and AimeeLovesYou Twitter account. And of course I’ll be posting here every Sunday, but I won’t be sharing as many updates as the other outlets I mentioned (because Sunday Is For Lovers only happens on Sundays!) I plan on sharing as many photos & updates as I can along my adventure. I hope to inspire others to get out there and live wild as well!

And you can always connect with me at my Etsy shop. I’ll be beading away in the forest encompassed Argosy, and sharing what I’m making via the shop. Oh yeah! And don’t forget you are always-always-always welcome to email me as well. My email address is located at the top right of this blog post, in the header menu.

Until the next time!




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5 responses to “What’s Up with Aimee?

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  2. Aimee! I’m so happy for you. I love Asheville, it’s such a beautiful place. I’m planning to visit this summer as well. The odd thing about Asheville, when I stayed there, I remember never seeing any bugs and I was sleeping in a tent on the ground most of the time!

    • Really? Wow! That’s great! On the land in Black Mountain (where I’ll be), there’s bugs for sure! Lots. :( …But it’s good to know there is less in Asheville. Because I’ll be there a lot of the time too! If you visit this summer, please contact me! :) I’d love to see you! I should be there in July.

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