Fine-Tuning My Life (Making sure it rocks!)


“One of the easiest ways to avoid finishing something is to complicate the process so much that you can never finish.”

Last week I wrote a blog post about how important it is to simplify one’s life. At the time, I felt overwhelmed and my life felt complicated. I also felt that I was always running to catch up with all that I have to do. But after thinking about it over the week, I think maybe it’s not so much a drastic simplification that is needed, but a tuning. Like when instruments gets out of tune, it simply needs a few adjustments. For me those adjustments are my priorities. And those priorities need to be based on what I love most.

I am currently re-examining my priorities. What do I love to do most? What lights me up? What am I most content doing?

My priorities need be in alignment with what I love most, and if they aren’t, I feel like I am sludge-ing along. Like I am walking through mud or deep sand. It doesn’t feel good, and it makes me feel like I’m not being true to myself.

We all have priorities that aren’t fun, like putting a roof over our heads, and paying monthly bills — but they too need to be in alignment with what we love. Everything can be tweaked, everything can be adjusted. So there is no reason why everything in our lives couldn’t be fine-tuned to our benefit (and if that can’t happen physically, than we need to make sure it happens mentally).

I know what works best for me, and I know what doesn’t. I don’t thrive when I have a stuffed social calender, or a job that I don’t feel challenged & inspired by, or when I eat foods that weigh me down, the list goes on and on… like spending lots of energy chit-chatting & making small-talk, or spending too much time indoors stationary, or investing too many hours in entertainment (movies, etc.). All of those things get the best of me and leave me feeling drained. On the other side of the spectrum — I thrive when I spend time alone in silence, or when I am blogging or dancing, or when I am creating something, or when I am drinking lots of healthy liquids and eating lots of greens, or when I’m out in nature breathing fresh air, or when I am making a difference in the lives of others by connecting with them on a deeper level. That’s when I thrive, that’s when I come alive.

So today I am organizing how I spend my days & weeks. It’s helpful for me when I have a daily plan and a weekly plan. Below I will share with you the current rough plan of my daily & weekly routines.

Daily Plan:
Meditative gratitude session after waking
Spicy chaga tea (early morning)
Green drink & fibrous fruit (brunch)
Brazil nut mylk (afternoon)
Simple salad with seaweed & legumes (early dinner)
Healthy wholefood snack (optional, anytime)
1 hour of morning exercise
Creating, documenting or sharing new works & ideas
Getting to bed before 10PM for sound sleep
Meditative gratitude session before falling asleep

Weekly Plan:
MONDAY –  str & str @ 7:30AM / tending to sprouts & plants / Etsy beadwork
TUESDAY – nature walk with camera @ 7:30AM / Etsy beadwork
WEDNESDAY – nature walk @ 7:30AM / write TRF blog posts
THURSDAY – yoga @ 9:30AM / Etsy teams to-do lists
FRIDAY – yoga @ 9:30AM / photograph & list new Etsy beadwork
SATURDAY – dance @ 10:00AM / farmer’s market / write SIFL blog post
SUNDAY – dance @ 10:00AM / organize & take care of home to-do list

According to the list above, those are my priorities, the things that make me thrive when I have them in place as a constant in my life. Everything else works around it. Adjustments will be made daily as needed, but those things will take up the bulk of my time. It’s like the examples of rocks in a jar. You put in all of rocks in a jar_organizing_priorities_timeyour big rocks first, and then add all the little rocks that fill in the gaps. If you allow all the little things to come first, you won’t have space for the big things. And for me, the big things are: exercising, creating & sharing. Those are my big rocks. When they are in place, I feel grounded and balanced.

I am going to document all I can in the coming weeks on my The Rainbow Farmer blog. I’m going to do better at keeping it as my accountability site, so everyone can see what I am up to. I slowed down a bit during that spell when my schedule got the best of me and I felt overwhelmed. But I am back with a vengeance! And I am committed to keeping the ball (I mean rocks) rolling.

[Rock photo is from Bradley Gauthier’s blog. Check out his How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed blog post.]


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